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Again, Heresy!  (def: opinion or doctrine at 

variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church,  religious system or cult).

You know many Karate Folks never look past what their instructor tells them. They do not research on their own and learn to see similarities as opposed to the differences.

Well lets take a closer look at Sanchin, the Uechi/Pangainoon version as example. First we see the Late Shinyu Gushi a Master of Pangainoon in Pre Mawashi action position. This bears a very close resemblance to the second posture from Hóu-Quán (猴拳, Monkey-Fist) forms. The both images contain the same posture even though the two styles are so very different in performance and training. However the tools are the same, the postures are the same, so does that mean the target is also the same?

And if the target is depicted by the posture as well as the method of attack, can we then draw the conclusion that they evolved from a single source? No one of course can answer this question with certainty, as we are left to speculate and compare what little knowledge was passed on through the ages.

And to further speculate, since this posture is in a "Monkey" Style, could it also be used to attack the "Monkey Shichen" or the deadly target mentioned in the ancient Bubishi. I have found that it not only maps out the target, but uses the correct tool as well as trajectory.


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