#KyushoHack 1 is that Kyusho is not Pressure Points

#KyushoHack 2 is the torque of the 6 Ji Hands

#KyushoHack 3 is Trajectory... where you send the message.

Most Kyusho people talk about "Angle and Direction", but this is only a half of the equation (how you attack the target) and therefore only half the affect. You can strike a target (even a real anatomical target) at the correct angle and direction, without gaining good results. And this is what frustrates many a beginner in Kyusho.

Many times instructors will say use "Intent", which again is only half the equation, as we all "Intend" to drop our opponent. It is not just how do you attack, but the where to that you transfer the energetic stimulation to. For the full equation and affect, you must send that neural message to a specific location... that is the "Trajectory" of the attack.

Working with Trajectory we can then apply "Tissue Shock" as well, this is covered in the Platinum and Patreon Subscriptions... see links below.


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