Q: What is Kyusho?

A: Kyusho translates as "Vital Point", these are the anatomical structures in the body that allows the practitioner to tap into the brain, nervous system and physiology of the body.


Q: Is it real?

A: Yes it is absolutely real... it does not appear so at times only because of the dramatic affects in causes on the body.


Q: Is it dangerous?

A: We have been using Kyusho for decades with no injuries or health issues... that is not to say it can't be, we teach how to use it safely and accurately.


Q: I have seen Kyusho KO's on YouTube is this what Kyusho is all about?

A: No, that is a very small aspect of Kyusho.  Kyusho canbe used in all aspects of the Martial Arts, Protection, Control, Health, even Intimacy, the KO is just demonstrated to create interest in the science.


Q: How can I learn Kyusho?

A: The best way is personally with a credible instructor, to gain actual experience in it.  However we realize that not everyone is near a certified instrstructor,so we have developed many Kyusho resurces for you:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Online EducationProgram
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • Discussion Forum
  • Kyusho Instructor Programs
  • Kyusho Business Development Programs
  • A network of Certified Instructors


Q: How do I chose an Instructor?

A: Look beyond the instructor to the program they have to offer you before youlook at the individual instructor

  • Do they have an interactive educational and support methods to help you personally
  • Do they have a standardized curriculum that is recognized Internationally
  • Do they have the resources that support that curriculum (such as those mentioned above)
  • Do they have standardized testing
  • Do they have a strong structure that has stood the test of time
  • Do they have a mission to help people
  • Do they have business model that will help you learn or reach instructor level
  • Do they have the various programs to fit your specific needs and wishes
  • Can they tailor a program just for you
  • Are they based on theory or experience
  • Do they use modern science and medical information
  • Do they train you to use this under stress or urgent need
  • Does the instructor have a good reputation or can be researched on the internet easily


Q: How do I certify or test?

A: It should be in person at an actual test... there is no way to validly certify someone via written or oral methods.  Actual hands on physical testing is the only sound way to know if you have the actual skill.  This can also be accomplished at a distance via video... please see criteria at this webpage:  http://www.kyusho.com/certification/


Q: What rank can I achieve?

A: There are two different paths you can take:

  1. One is ranking in Kyusho (Dan Levels) in which just the skill is trained.
  2. Second is an affiliate program where we help you step by step in the business end as well so you succeed more skill wise, as well as monetarily.

Let us know which path is more suited for you (your ultimate goal for Kyusho) and then we will be able to help you to a finer degree.


Q: How can I become affiliated with Kyusho?

A: There are several levels of affiliation:

  • Client - someone who wants the information and skills for their own personal use (usually through resource use)
  • Membership - should give you access to training and discounts for classes and events
  • Study Group - a group to practice what you have learned and guidance with this process
  • Training Instructor - a person who has been tested in person for actual skills and systematic method of education in Kyusho
  • Certified Instructor - someone who has passed not only the test for actual physical skills, but also one that has helped many others attain their personal goals

Here is a step by step method for you to become a valued affiliate:  http://www.kyusho.com/organization/affiliate/