commentThank you for all your interest and support for this amazing knowledge of Kyusho, from healing, to martial and law enforcement, it is the most efficient method for you to use. As such we would like to lit here just a very small sampling of comments from around the world:

From James (South Africa)

Evan Pantazi I just want to thank you for being the greatest Martial Arts teacher ever. I am a Martial Arts instructor myself and through your teachings and videos that I watch I incorporate some of it into our training with great results and success. I currently have acute bronchitis for the past five weeks, it became so severe that I could not breathe for at least six times on several occassions. This morning on my birthday I had the most frightening bronchitis attack where I could not breathe, I had to wake up one of my students(ShaunJansen) to revive me and he used the technique for heart attack or asthma attack and it worked. I could feel with the second strike I could breath again and with that I thank you for saving my life and countless other people's lifes knowingly and unknowingly, I wish we could meet someday so that I can thank you in-person for your great teachings and give my and my students respect to you sire. There are more testimonies from us of how your videos, skills, knowledge and teaching has helped and saved people's lives. Thank you so much sir for everything you are doing. GOD bless

From Dan (USA)

My favorite hobby is going through this site and figuring how to incorporate your material into the tai chi sets, it’s not easy but it’s endless hours of fun!

Cheers sir thanks for all you do!


From Gary (France)

Dear Evan,

I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the international Kyusho convention.

It was an incredible experience, full of learning and exceptional encounters. I was truly delighted to be a part of this event, where I had the chance to learn from passionate and humble individuals, much like myself, who are eager to share their knowledge. I couldn't imagine being in a better place, and I am truly honored to have met you all in such close proximity.

The knowledge I gained during this convention was invaluable, and I look forward to continuing this education and deepening my skills in the field of Kyusho. The interactions with the group members were truly inspiring, and I aim to maintain these precious connections in the future.

I want to warmly thank the entire organizing team and the instructors for their dedication to making this event a success. I am grateful for their hard work and commitment to the Kyusho community.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions, feedback, or if you'd like to share additional resources helpful for my journey in Kyusho. I eagerly anticipate future opportunities to participate in similar events and continue growing in this fascinating art.

Once again, thank you immensely for this unforgettable experience. I look forward to seeing you all again at our future gatherings.

With heartfelt gratitude,


From Steve (USA)

Thank you so much.

What brought me to you was that in the 4 years with Oyata I never saw him do and especially teach any revivals.

I really appreciate that is the first thing you present in your program. My EMS partners think I'm crazy until I use a Kyusho technique to help them overcome an illness. (they still think I'm a little crazy) LOL

Your program is the best.


From Edward (USA)

Hi Evan, Wanted to say your life's work is truly amazing.  Been practicing now for almost 40 years and being Western, its been hard to learn the real stuff.  You have done an amazing job and Thank you.   Kind of sad we had to train for sooo many years incorrectly, been to china and still nothing good.  Was laying on my floor watching youtube and BAAAM the truths where revealed.  I guess better late than never.

From Rod (USA)

Hi Evan,

I have just got to say again that the platinum subscription is amazing, it is an encyclopedia. I recommend it for everyone, questions I've had for years are being answered. I'm seeing the theories come alive. I've heard you say for years Kyusho isn't pressure points. I wouldn't listen to that, I had my training and stuck with it. Finally I joined the platinum subscription and the doors have opened, my thinking has changed, my potential has changed.

Thanks, Rod

From David (Canada)

Dear Mr. Pantazi,

I hope you and your family are well these days.

My super old 97 yo mother in law lives with us.  She can't walk. She can't feed herself.  She doesn't know who anyone is except the cat.  We use the constipation recipe to keep her regular and it has worked every time. I'm just glad I'm not the you who has to sit with her and apply it.

A comment you made in your conversation with John Festa struck a note with me.  I too think about kyusho a lot and have integrated the healing and intimacy aspects into my own life with very positive results.  Asha has also tried some healing on her dog and she thinks it worked.  My only regret is that I didn't learn it earlier in my life.

Have  a good holiday and a Happy New Year.  Asha and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Sincerely, Dave

From Richard (USA)

Master Pantazi, I've purchased several of your DVDs and have learned much from them. Having trained in a Japanese karate style that is one of the first Kyokushin offshoots, I'm aware of the damage we can do to each other. I'm also aware of the legal troubles that can bring.
After reading so many posts which claim Kyusho doesn't work, I want to let you know that I have experienced it at work twice, both times doing partner work.

The first was in sparring. We were going light. I threw a left front kick from a high chamber. My partner threw a right front kick half-second later. His knee deflected my kick from its trajectory, causing the ball of my foot to connect with the top of his pubic bone. He dropped like a stone, though my kick did not have much juice on it and he's a big guy. He was unable to continue.

The second time happened to me. Working with a brown belt, throwing knees to the torso. No contact to be made, but he reacted by dropping his elbows down into my thigh. One elbow did no damage, the other struck me on a point which you ID'd at the top front of the thigh. There's a mirror point on the back of the thigh. It dropped me straight to the floor. It was involuntary and immensely painful. Produced a wicked good bruise too.

Apologies for not remembering the Point Names. The results are real and considerable. Do you ever teach in Chicago?


From Steven (Australia)

Good Day Sir. Steven xxxxxxxx here from down under (Ex pat from the USA).Just
a note to say good work  in your field .There is a lot to go through so as
I usually have to a lot a set period of time to the study the vast
materials or I would be at the PC all day,but thats the beauty digital you
can go back and re watch it again.

I personally like the Sanchin and Seisan courses along with the
Rukishu/DimMak. Its good to be along time platium member (glad I joined when
I did). The amount I pay is money well spent.
I would'nt keep you  because I know your a busy man (things to do,places to
go,and people to see) so until next time keep up the great work.


From Richard (UK)

That said, and having had a long interest in various aspects of East Asian culture, I would like to thank you for your work - discovering your videos has been a satori-like experience of insight.]

From Brian (California, USA)

Hey Evan,

My first client today had a stroke with R sided hemiplegia. Tight R bicep, sciatic nerve to control R leg, R great toe spasticity.

I used R Median nerve technique for bicep (armbar bicep release), R low back /side of iliac crest techniques for sciatic nerve (rear low back/side of iliac crest sacral nerve atracks) and R medial tibia  (escape from rear naked choke). I will ask the client during the week for any improvements/changes.

My client did recognize these points as being problem areas. I see her 1x every week -so I have a regular training partner.

From Steve (England, UK)

Hi Sir, wow I'm a little stunned, if you'll pardon the pun. Such a vast amount of material :-)I don't think I'll ever have to buy another book or video. Its going to take years to work through all this. Sadly I've only been able to get four of the original eight on board at this time. Myself'Tom Paul and Keith. But I hope to generate more interest in the coming months. This maybe a stupid question but I cant see the wood for the trees 🙂 Is there a syllabus to follow?Given there's so much material a syllabus would give us a goal to head towards. Hence make progress easier.Otherwise we may be barking up the wrong trees and getting ahead of ourselves. Or do we just start at the top of the list ( Bronze ) and work our way down? We plan to meet up tomorrow to discuss how to move forwards. So any guidance would be appreciated. But just have to say this is all very impressive and fascinating. Many thanks for allowing us on board. With great respect Steve

From:  Dennis   (California,USA)

Mr Pantazi,

I am new to your website, but I want to compliment you on your teaching approach.  I greatly appreciate the straight forward anatomical explanations you give.  It is far easier to understand and integrate, than the TCM stuff.  I've been following the US revelation of kyusho since the early '90s, but only discovered your stuff last month. Thanks you for making this available!

Best Regards

From: David (Switzerland) 

Sir Pantazi,

Thank you very much for your indefatigable overall lead by excellent example!

Sincerely yours,

From: Bobby (Greece)

Greetings from Greece,where Kyusho is slowly developing and gaining more enthusiasts.
My name is Bobby Symvoulidis and i have the privilidge of representing Kyusho in my country.My training in martial arts started on 2001 at the age of 32 with Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu George Kontras and i continue to do so, not because i believe it is better than other styles. There is no such thing. As Bruce Lee pointed some time ago, the style that fits you best is the one that truly expresses yourself.

Many of us forget that all the martial arts are one big family. That is what Kyusho is reminding us.The art of pressure points unites all the systems and styles because it fits perfectly in each and every one of them.I discovred it by accident on Youtube about 2 years ago and was immediately fascinated. It took me over a year to contact master Evan Pantazi.

I hesitated because there was no instructor here in Greece.It was one of the best decicions i ever made.

The Kyusho affiliate program gave me the opportunity to study this fine art and spread this knowledge to others,which is the mission of Kyusho International. The Knowledge is unlimited and also helps me have  better understanding of my own style.

What i have experienced so far is beyond words and i am realy greatful for the support i am getting from the organization. It is an art that promotes safety above all and teaches you not only the martial aspects but also through the Health and Wellness program, ways to relieve maybe a friend or a member of your family from many health issues that we have to deal with throughout the year. And that side of Kyusho is even greater. To me,to be able to give pain is a good skill to have in order to protect yourself. To be able to take pain from someone is a true blessing.

The best part is,you can take Kyusho with you your whole life and your own style with it because it is based on the simple fact that as we age we cannot any stronger or faster. But we can balance this by getting wiser and more knowledgeable

From: David (United Kingdom) 


I had the opportunity to watch the DVD properly over the weekend with my wife who is a Paramedic Officer with the London Ambulance Service. We both liked the way in which the information was presented, i.e. martial application followed by first aid recipe. She was particularly interested in the ‘heart revival’ technique shown as an alternative to CPR; we both already utilise several of the other applications included but some were unknown to us and will be put to good use as and when required,

Thanks for a very useful addition to my Kyusho library.

Best Regards

From:  Michael (Australia)

Dear Evan,
I just finished watching the Kyusho First Aid DVD. I am amazed by the content and the techniques and even the explanations of how you came to discover them. Thank you for spreading this knowledge. I look forward to watching this DVD over again and again, as well as purchasing further DVDs.
Patience was not a problem. Good things come to those who wait, and I think this was worth waiting for. And now we know that I can receive a delivery at work...
Thanks again.

Yours Faithfully

From: Steven (OH, USA)

Hello Evan,
I just wanted to let you know that this is Kyusho First Aid is the best video yet! I love it! We worked on some if it to night in class and the Black Belts loved it! I came home from the dojo and my wife was complaining about her headache, So I used the forearm PP that you discussed in the dvd and I was amazed at how fast it worked! and right before bed, she had been complaining about work and how stressed she has been for the last few weeks. So I tried the stress relief and she was snoring before I was done with the session LOL! did this for a count of 60 3 times as you explained and I could not believe how fast and easy those reliefs worked! I cant wait to work on some of the others!!
I am on my way right now to the KI Website to join the group!
Thank you for bring Kyusho into my dojo

From:  Rowland (United Kingdom)

Just in case my subsequent email didn't get through, the dvd has arrived and is another KI quality product. I continue to recommend your dvd series as the most comprehensive and detailed on the market. I never tire watching them and always seem to find something new. It truly is a fantastic body of research for which my students and I are extremely grateful. It allows us to benefit from your instruction even though we can't train with you in person.  Thank you very much.  It would be a shame not to have the complete set, which must be the most comprehensive kyusho explanation on the market.

Thank you.

From:  Rod (Canada)

Evan, why I chose KI over two other organizations...
1- One of the other organizations leaders actually commented that I would be better of training under KI
2 - I got a really bad vibe from another organization
3 - I liked the structure of KI and access to the advanced forum
4 - I wanted to be associated with what I perceived to the premier kyuso organization
5 - I like that Evan understands that there's more than meets the eye and works on a much more subtle level than most players
6- I saw that perhaps Evan was at some point going to do a kyusho/tai chi dvd and that really peaked my interest 🙂

From: David (MA, USA)

Hi Evan,

I just wanted to let you know that your book arrived today and to my surprise I found a DVD enclosed. What a thoughtful gift. With your talent and knowledge of the martial arts it is no wonder you stand out from all rest of the other folks selling similar information. (by similar I mean martial arts in general, I know your particular instruction is ahead of your colleagues to begin with) And it is gestures like this that make you a good businessman, a combination that is tough to beat. Keep up the good work.

Thank You very much, 

From: Andrew (United Kingdom)

Hi Evan

Just to say how pleased i am with this dvd, Its just so amazing how easy you can help people and hopefully get over thier problems. Money very well spent.

Thank you again

From: Steve (Australia)

G'day Evan,

Firstly may I wish you and your family a happy New year and I trust you had a pleasant time with both family and friends. Secondly, I would like offer you my upmost praise and congratulations after reading your books and watching your videos. Both books and DVD's are so professionally presented and the information provided is second to none, there an absolute credit to.
I remember in your earlier video that you use LI-10 for your lung revival, however, I was fascinated how you advocate SP-17 for more severe breathing or diaphragm disfunction's, I've only ever been taught to utilise LU-5. I was also fascinated about your comments on the Diurnal Cycle, I've often wonder about that sequence of attack but out of respected for my instructor I have never questioned this issue. I learnt so much over the last month and a half that I can't thank you enough, I sincerely do appreciate the quality of your products.
I'm about to order some more of your videos and I'll take your advice and go to
Best wishes

From Kris: (Switzerland)


Congratulations for that program (like for all others), I have tried today the sore troath technique and it has passed immediately.

Very impressive!

From: Fernando (France)


Message: I want to thank to the master pantazi for the the information of he cure because I had a skin problem and with the manipulation of the points that the master teaches I solved in me even the problem with 1st L-11, 2nd li- 10, 3rd H-3, 4th h-9 and si-1, li-4, I have been calmer and without the skin problem, it does solve.

From: Sheena (South Africa)

Firstly, thank you for organizing a tremendously fun conference. I did take a few notes however mostly the info stuck in my heart because the learning was fun.

I did speak to Evan regarding the sinus relief and the early signs of success.

I stated that I have an eye condition that is apparently allergy related and has been going on for the last 25 years. Every 5-6 weeks I get what I call an eye bloom, much like conjunctivitis but it isn’t and none of that medication works. This is very disruptive to life as I usually can’t work, drive or do anything that requires sight for 3 to 4 days.

I have been to two of the top ophthalmologists in Jhb, even went to an ENT medical surgeon to see if he could find anything. After going through a multitude of tests, expensive medical procedures and tried much medication, I end up pretty much at square one with very little symptomatic relief and having to endure this condition every time.

About two/three months ago, I purchased the next level in the Kyusho healing series online which turned out to be about sinus relief. This was of great interest to me as I have for a long time believed that there was a correlation between my sinuses and my eye problem. Since then I have been doing the exercise on a regular basis and have found that over time, the “attacks” have lessened to a point where I am down to only one day being bad, even then I am still able to work, live and am using much less medication.

I believe that by continuing with this exercise as well as the Ba Guan Gin exercises I will, in a couple of months, be free of medication and these “attacks” having helped my body to deal more effectively with the onslaught of pollution.

Our bodies are amazing and through Kyusho I am becoming more aware of their wonders.

From: Craig (South Africa)

I have attended 3 Kyusho workshops and have just joined as a member.

I recently had the opportunity to use the revival techniques taught at the beginning of the workshop, not knowing I would use them in these situations!
At a sales conference 3 people complained of headaches and using the revival technique for knockouts ( apart from the slap at the base of the neck ) these 3 peoples headaches were cured within a number of minutes.
My 19 year-old daughter was having heart palpitations the day after the sales conference. I applied the revival for the heart ( very gently, which was no more than a gentle tap with a knuckle ) and the heart instantaneously went into a normal pattern! This even amazed me as it was so quick.

A fantastic new use that I never anticipated when joining.

Kind Regards,

From: John (PA, USA)

Dear Evan: Thank you for producing the DVD series on the three katas of Pangainoon. For many years these tapes, now DVD\'s have been my most prized possession since I have been doing these katas for almost 50 years and since they go so well with Aikido, as well as Judo and JuJitsu. All my students are asked to study these katas and their applications since they complement the style of Aikido so well. I also welcome your continued study and research in these three fantastic katas which became the foundation for Uechi Ryu. One will find no better or advanced explanation of these katas anywhere than what you present.

From: Bob (Australia)


Thanks very much. The latest DVD finally turned up and it was worth the wait again. The way you use the Iron Claw to seize points is brilliant. Yet another layer of information in the ever widening world of Kyusho

Thanks for all the hard work bringing us all this infomation over the years.

   From: Billy (Scotland)


Just finished watching the above "Disk" and the information is amazing I understand that it is way too advanced for me, I also realize how dangerous these point are.

On thing you said that made an enormous difference was how point can be used on the back as well as the front , It has blown my mind even more open to the possibilities within Kata ( feel stupid now at not having figured this out before) So basically fantastic item and a great weapon of knowledge to have in my arsenalmany thanks for releasing it

From: Gary (KS, USA)

Thank you Evan! With your help I just netted an extra $5500 for my time down here. I could have gone and made my "own" program like many others have done, but this company was looking for international certification and KI provided that, not to mention a DT program that has been researched, practiced and put into use all over the world. Can't wait to see you out at the IKC in November!

From: Max (Austria)

As an officer for Corrections in Austria, I serched long times in different martial Arts to find a good System, i can use every day on duty. I trained different styles and tryed to combine them with tecniqes i learned in my basic education, every officer gets. It took me some time till i found a Book of Evan Pantazi on the Internet. "Kyusho for Law Enforcement". I read the whole book in one day and tried to implement the mentioned points an tecniqes.

But as everybody knows, hand ond hand training is the best so i startet the study of Kyusho. After having the basics and growing up to CI i startet uing the Kyusho in my everyday work. There are many benefits. Kyusho makes it possible to have a maximum of efficiency with a minimum risk of hurting the inmates.

Nowadays, nobody wants to see officers hitting people, even if they are inmates in our prisons. Kyusho opens the door for every officer to make their techniqes more efficieant and less dangerous.

In my case, there are different problems, like very little space, and opponents, that have years of experience in hurting people. So Kyusho makes it possible for me to make my work more safer. One more effect is, that inmates respect the way i use my techniqes. They know, that I use the force i have to. Years ago, officers used Sticks and Weapons to stop attacks or control inmates, kusho is a safer and better way to work and that´s, what inmates know and respect.

From: Bogdan (Romainia)

Hello sir,

I received the order in good condition. It is complete and I am very satisfied of it! I have watched the dvds at the office and I am studying the books. Thanks alot for your dedication to this art and to your very warm position towards the clients! It is for the first time when I feel the order was personalized for me.
In the next months I will study all the dvds (now I have all but one - which is already ordered!) and I hope in the begining of the next year to get involved in kyusho educational program.

Best regards!

From: Diego (Argentina)

Hello Mr. Pantazi,

I had received and watched the DVDs, and I am very happy with the quality and contents. They are an excelent material for Uechi-ryu students.

From: Wayne (TX, USA)

Hello Evan, its been a long time. I would be happy to give you information. I have in fact used kyusho in the field, and approx. 8 years ago have transitioned our department to kyusho for LE. I have also trained over 500 cadets in a regional LE academy in a 8 hour block of kyusho.

From: Ed (Slovenia)

Dear Grand Master!

Many thanks for sent DVD. I owe you again. I just finish my first looking and it is a great work and presentation.

There was one thing rule particularly interesting for me because it will help me to do Kata break downs.

On the other side you gave me more stuff side of vie to study in bubushi book.

Best regards