Success Stories


We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to have helped thousands of people around the world with simple and complex health issues and especially training people to help others as well... here is just a few of the hundreds of letters and emails we have received:

User Successes:

Hi Sir,

Thank you for your support. With your guidance I can prepare everyone better and also myself.

I would like to tell you about a situation that happened with Kelly (my wife): She was in a drugstore and suddenly a pregnant woman fell down. People were desperate without knowing what to do and only watching. Then she came in, asked for some space and did the revival. The second try the woman woke up and recovered well. She told me everyone was looking at her as if she was an alien lol. It's a great history on how Kyusho helps in several situations in life.

Thank you so much for everything, I told you many times that I have a great admiration for you. People, martial artists, most of them are inside the matrix and have no idea the knowledge available to humanity.
Hoping to learn more and more.
Bruno (Brazil)


Hi Evan,

While at GF Strong with Asha (see parallelization recovery story here) I helped a couple of spinal cord patients with back pain. One is an older guy who had low back pain and feeling in his legs. The sural nerve massage worked just fine. The second is a younger patient with no feeling below the injury site in the mid back who had upper back pain. While doing the sural nerve massage he said he could feel sensation in his lower back. I thought that was quite interesting. Overall he responded well to the recipe.


Dave (Bowens Island, Canada)


From James (South Africa)
Evan Pantazi I just want to thank you for being the greatest Martial Arts teacher ever. I am a Martial Arts instructor myself and through your teachings and videos that I watch I incorporate some of it into our training with great results and success. I currently have acute bronchitis for the past five weeks, it became so severe that I could not breathe for at least six times on several occassions. This morning on my birthday I had the most frightening bronchitis attack where I could not breathe, I had to wake up one of my students(Shaun Xxxxxxx) to revive me and he used the technique for heart attack or asthma attack and it worked. I could feel with the second strike I could breath again and with that I thank you for saving my life and countless other people's lifes knowingly and unknowingly, I wish we could meet someday so that I can thank you in-person for your great teachings and give my and my students respect to you sire. There are more testimonies from us of how your videos, skills, knowledge and teaching has helped and saved people's lives. Thank you so much sir for everything you are doing. GOD bless

Oh my God! After all these years after Vietnam in the service. You finally got rid of my Phantom Pain in 20 minutes of seeing you with the procedure you do! I have no words! I can feel again like it was before I went into the military service. Thank you so much and God Bless you brother. Keep up the great work you are doing. I will refer my VA buddy's to you.


As you know I have been an amputee from Diabetes. I had my left leg amputated from the knee down. I have always had Phantom Pain since then. I am amazed to say you have gotten rid of it after all these years. I can feel again! Wow! Thank you so much. Keep doing what your doing with your procedure! You are going to help a lot of people. God bless!


Evan, thank you so much. The session was invaluable. I can already see some of the positive effects as I’ve practiced a few times this week!


Hi! This is Susan that you've seen two times with Jeannie and I had the Parkinson's but you fixed it. Anyway I'd like to know if I could get an appointment for either Monday afternoon or sometime Tuesday or Wednesday of next week that would be the 8th 9th or 10th. Let me know when is good for you.


Good morning! Client #82 (the one you had to work for!), this morning for the first time since COVID (12/2020), I woke up and didn't feel exhausted!!! What a blessing!!! You can add long effect COVID to the cure list. Keep listening to Jesus!!!


Greetings Hanshi

I just wanted to inform you of the significant results in restoring health issues using the various points and revival techniques in conjunction with chiropractic.

I have found the most profound improvements with my respiratory patients, I wanted to thank you for the knowledge. It has brought a extremely higher level of care I can give to my patients, your program has made me a better doctor and martial artist.

Yours in Health
Dr. Vincent Zara
New York, NY


Dear Evan, I would really love to thank you for your time and your knowledge, I was stunned! I loved it all big time and I respect you very much! Thank again for my back, they were as new after the seminar. What I loved the best was the energy part as I've never experienced something like that so much... and I love it. I really appreciate you Sir! Hope you had a safe trip home. Bless you

Czech Republic


I just wanted to thank you. I watched your DVD and when my son got the hiccups I tried the technique I learned on your DVD. The hiccups stopped instantly. Usually it takes a long time for them to stop.

Tennessee (USA)


Hello sir, it’s Bobby from Greece, hope you are doing well.

Sorry to bother, i promised a friend if you have any knowledge or opinion considering multiple sclerosis treatment via the use of pressure points. I realize this is a very serious and difficult case, but it never hurts to ask. AlsoI want to tell you that I study very intensively the HEALTH 1 AND NOW STARTING HEALTH 2 VIDEO along with the martial aspects of course. I have already used recipes concerning headaches, tooth pains, bowel syndrome, hiccups, sinus congestion, motion sickness, nausea so far and helped people among my family and friends with great success. Everybody,including me were amaze from the results, even my wife who suffers from migraines. Not flattering, these are the undeniable facts we all witnessed. Please do not think i do this on taking advantage of these recipes to make money. I just study and try to help people, it is impossible for me to describe the feeling when you actually relieve someone. Thank you, sir for everything.

With respect,
Bobby Symvoulidis
Athens, Greece


Thank you for doing what you do kyusho has reborn me I also use kyusho in my practice results are outstanding I hope to train with you asap just want to thank you sir.

Dr. Vinny Zara
New York USA


Hello sir,

I don`t know how the other girl is doing but with Laureen, my girlfriend, i keep going with your technics. At the moment she doesn`t need the prescribed drugs and that is he point that makes me happy. Of course its a bit dangerous at the moment but it was her own choice and it works currently.

Benjamin Schlenz

Letter from Laureen:

Since approximately ten years or more I suffer from depressions. Many years it was possible to live with it. But in the last few years it became more and more worse. I visited a few doctors but the only thing they did was prescribing drugs which helped just a bit but also changed my personality. They made me tired and emotionless. After many month with taking drugs every day it became worse again so I decided to join a therapy. There I learned some techniques to deal with the depressions but they also prescribed drugs. I was so tired of taking pills every day when my boyfriend started talking to GM Evan Pantazi about my situation. He invited me to participate in a, "Health and Wellness" session in Salzburg / Austria where he could show me some techniques to fight the physical manifestations of the depressions. As I had nothing to loose I joined the course. GM Evan Pantazi teached me and my boyfriend some practices which are specific for me. He said that everybody needs his own way and that it is not possible to create a general remedy. After that day we started to practice that kind of remedy with awesome success. A few days later I quit with the drugs. Until now I didn`t need them again. Of course it didn´t fight the root of the depressions but it made it much better.



Written to another in endorsement:

Hi Fred,

Hope all is well. I been planning to write to you over a month ago, when I had a recent concussion on May 1st, so it has set me back for the month. Am doing much better.

I have something to describe to you that I think you will be amazed and excited about. I'll do my best here, however I would love to chat with you over the phone to give even more details. I have an answering service and you can leave phone numbers and times. The best for me is after 8 p.m most evenings.

OK. Here it goes. I have 2 patients with Locked-in Syndrome, which means they have had a brain injury that caused them to stop having involuntary muscle movement. They can't move their eyes, limbs, etc., yet cognitively the person is in total awareness. The one man, Pat, you may have heard about him in national news, because he fell 25 feet off a escalator in the Denver airport 5 years ago.

I've been doing neurofeedback with him along with some energy psychology work. Now, you may not recall, however I told you I was also trained in a method of karate called Kyusho that uses acupuncture points to knock out a person. ....To knock them unconscious. This really does work and I've done it myself. As part of the training there is a revival technique to bring the person back to consciousness. It too, really works and there are video of this and on-line course.

Well, it dawn on me that Pat was knock unconscious in the fall and why can't we use the revival technique to bring Pats limbs back with energy. I spoke with Pat's mom and with him and got both their approval. Then we took Pat over to the Karate studio where the Sensei ( Karate Master) did the revival technique. Low and behold, Pat's body started moving, including his right arm and his eyes. Since that time he has gotten even more voluntary movement.

I thought you might like to speak with the person who invented this process and somehow we could get this out....sports trainers, EMTs and energy healers. The inventor of this method is Evan Pantazi.

Hope you had a great weekend and hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D.
Massachusetts USA


I want to thank to the master pantazi for the the information of he cure because I had a skin problem and with the manipulation of the points that the master teaches I solved in me even the problem with 1st L-11, 2nd li- 10, 3rd H-3, 4th h-9 and si-1, li-4, I have been calmer and without the skin problem, it does solve

Fernando Continho
Paris, France


Hello my name is Francisco and I'm Portuguese. I've been in the last convention of the Kyusho International in Portugal. Gentlemen, Portuguese is my native language so apologize me for my spelling errors. I wanted to thank you all for the help you gave my 5 year old son, in the last convention, in particular my thanks go to Mr. Gary, he immediately lent itself to prescribe a treatment and show me how this treatment was done. During the tender age of my child I have searched everywhere for a cure or hope for the problem of balance of my son. Modern medicine told me that he had no solution or hope. What kind of father would I be if I give up to help my son.

I can say that my first experiences with CHI were felt in KI. Above all I understood that we are not only made of flesh and bone, and it awakened me to the fact of wanting to learn more about energy, as I did not have access to much information I decided to learn Reiki.

However I have learned meditation and manipulation of energy, with Buddhist teachers, in order to further help my son. I'm happy to realize that the energy I use in meditation is the same that I use in Kyusho. Above all it is much more inportant to learn to healed people than hurt them, and that I learned in Kyusho International. And because Mr. Gary helped my son I can take another step in the healing of my baby. I can not express in words my gratitude for the gesture that you had to receive a child in a convention and implement a treatment. I'm feel like a blind man who sees the sun first few minutes. Improvements in walking my son's are small, but for me this is an extraordinary contribution. Thank you all, thank you, thank you. Your attitude towards this problem has been amazing.

Francisco Rodrigues


"Hi Evan, please forgive the personal email but I do not feel ready to post this on the forum, over the last few weeks I unfortunately became quite ill, very badly jaundiced and feeling like a sack of*******, to cut a long story, I was taken in to hospital and in the space of two weeks had 4 Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography procedures, 3 were unsuccessful, the 4 one was done at the same time as a PCT through my side, they finally got a stent in to drain the jaundice, the point of my email is to say the 4 procedures left me with a raging sore throat every time, the sore throat remedy helped no end to relive the pain and reduce the anxiety that went along with it, so thank you, a simply technique with massive benefits, loads more hospital appointments to come so I will be studying like mad before they take me back in, and restore me hopefully back to good health.

Thank you again for the knowledge. Name with held by request.


Hi Evan,

First off, (in reference to the Health & Wellness class) Thank You for giving regular folks like me the opportunity to learn what most people consider to be secret information, or at least difficult to obtain information. I would like to express my gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in the Health and Wellness seminar in January. The program is top notch, the instruction straightforward and the ability to practice hands on, priceless.

I would like to share a success testimonial from using the knowledge obtained from the Health and Wellness program. My girlfriend has history of constipation problems along with the bloating and lack of energy. I recently used the constipation recipe and met with success. I used the methods that you mentioned in your program. I was a little worried about putting too much energy into the colon so I proceeded with caution. I use medium pressure figuring if the lighter stimulation failed, I would just reapply. Well for her, it was the proper recipe; she told me “things are moving just fine, I don’t feel bolted and I have more energy. I don’t know what you did, but I haven’t felt this good in a long time”

Thank you,
Dave Gawle
Massachusetts - USA



I work in a large salon and spa with 40 employees. When I started learning these methods I was eager to get my hands on anyone with a headache for some extra practice. I have performed the headache remedies hundreds of times at the office on both staff and clients and the result is always amazement at how much better they feel, and how quickly!

Aside from headaches I have used these methods to relieve pain caused by anything from cramps and backaches to even kidney stone pain on two occasions.

Nathan Wender
Virginia - USA


Hello Evan,

I just wanted to let you know that this is Kyusho First Aid is the best video yet! I love it! We worked on some if it to night in class and the Black Belts loved it! I came home from the dojo and my wife was complaining about her headache, So I used the forearm PP that you discussed in the dvd and I was amazed at how fast it worked! and right before bed, she had been complaining about work and how stressed she has been for the last few weeks. So I tried the stress relief and she was snoring before I was done with the session LOL! did this for a count of 60 3 times as you explained and I could not believe how fast and easy those reliefs worked! I cant wait to work on some of the others!!

I am on my way right now to the KI Website to join the group!
Thank you for bring Kyusho into my dojo

Steven Hatfield
Ohio USA


For the past 15 years I've suffered with sinus problems. After taking This wellness course, I learned how to relieve myself of this painful and miserable feeling within a matter of minutes! After touching a few points on my face, my sinuses opened right up and the pressure was gone.If you've ever suffered from sinus problems, you know that This alone is worth it's weight in gold!!!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who's serious about taking control of their health and overall quality of life.

Samuel Scott
Maryland - USA


My wife came from work 2 days ago and said she had lateral headache. This was the first time i used one of the headache-remedies on her, this was the first time i ever heard she complain about headache. After the remedy she said it was almost gone away, but she felt little bit she said,.. rather surprised that it worked so well instantly. I did the recipe one more time and she said it was all gone. Impressed! The asthma remedy did work very well to a tkd club mate which had inhalator brought with him, letting me try the remedy first made him not use the inhalator, because the symptom had vanished. He became member after this.

The sore throat i did to 2 colleges at work last year, especially one of them had a extremely soar throat...And it did cause surprise when the remedy's worked Both of them was nurses.

The hiccups remedy is very easy to do and surprises everyone of the instant relive ...this i have done to quite a few people and it works on everyone, every time. and so on...

Harald Nygaard (Nurse)
Sarpsborg, Norway


Sir,I have used the hiccup, the sore throat, the stress, the insomnia, the headache (both) and the sinus congestion remedies. They all worked very well. Most of the people I used it on were non believers, but now they are convinced it works!

Thank you for sharing these remedies!

Jaap Jan De Lang
Bant - Netherlands


Dear sir,

I ment to write you sooner but wanted to combine it with the register of new levels.

First I would like to thank you for visiting my place and for the fantastic instructions given to us. I know everybody had a great seminar.

I had alot of nice corrections on my levels and new input on the healing sections. I'm working on it every time I have the chance. I did the Anxiety Point on my daughter, but it was more like a gamble. Sometimes she cries like somebody did harm to her. Often when she's tired and her will needs to be overruled. Then you can stand on your hands, tell her stories and nothing help. She has a strong knowledge of her 'Self' already. I said look what daddy knows this should make you calm down. I stretched it maybe 3-4 times each side. She said Av av and stop comepletlly, calmed down and said good night... I felt lucky..Two days later in the morning, different story but same result. I put her in the car and she was so mad at me or the shoes she had to wear. I did it to her again and this time she almost scream like a beat her up. So I did it only a few times and nothing happens. I thought; you can't win all the time and started driving. 45-60 sec. later she changed like I have never seen before. Calmed down and cleared up and just started talking to me.

Marie said to me later that day, that the next time I should do it right away. But I'm not sure that this would have the same effect. So now I am thinking of ways to upset her to test it.. (of cause not.!)

Did the back (the one you did on me), and headache both with success..

Carsten Letort
Aalborg, Denmark



First of all I would just like to say thanks....for the program, and for the congrats.

As a personal testimony, three of my 4 family members have already benefited from the back-ache remedies, and the nerve stimulation.

My oldest son just tonight was experiencing a central headache. After attempting to relieve it he said it moved to a lateral ache, after which I used the second method of relief. Though it came back after a time, with each treatment the effects seemed to last longer, with a weaker/lesser reocurrence. After several attempts it completely went away.

Ronnie T. Vaughan Sr.
Maryland - USA


I have a couple of students that has used the hiccup remedy on their children. And now they come rushing with there arm extended and ask for help when they get hiccups. The headache remedies I use every second training, there is always someone who need your help i some way. And it feels good to be able to help them.

Tore Carlson


I was attending my first Kyusho seminar, I believe it was in May of 2004, held at a summer camp for kids in center Harbor, New Hampshire. We drove there from Rochester, NY, about a 6 hour drive. As we were driving along, my ankle started to hurt, as if I was twisting it the wrong way, but no matter which way I adjusted my foot, I could not get it to stop getting worse. I've had severe ankle sprains before, and this one turned out to be one of the worst, until, when we finally reached the camp, I couldn't put any weight on my left ankle. I pretty much wrote off the seminar than, knowing I wouldn't be able to participate in any of the activities. At the first get together, after introductions, Evan Pantazi asked if anyone was hurt or injured. My friend Roger volunteered my name, and I told Evan my ankle was sprained and I was having a hard time putting any weight on it at all. He told me I would try to help, using the pressure points on and around my ankle & foot. I knew there was nothing that he could do, I've had these a lot of times before, and 3 to 4 days of not walking on my feet was the only cure that ever worked before. But, I said ya- go ahead!! What's to lose? He started to press on certain pressure points, messaging in between for no more than 5 minutes, more like 3, and than asked me how it felt. I put slight pressure on it, than more, until I could put my body weight on it and kick with either foot. To me, it was unbelievable, I could feel no pain at all. And, since than, I have had the beginnings of several ankle sprains, and been able to copy Evan Pantazi's movements, maybe not exact, but close enough to not be in terrible pain for 3 to 4 days. I have since spent a lot of my time trying to learn as much as I can about pressure points, and how to use them to relieve pain and suffering.

Don Viccaro
New York - USA


Firstly, thank you for organizing a tremendously fun conference. I did take a few notes however mostly the info stuck in my heart because the learning was fun.

I did speak to Evan regarding the sinus relief and the early signs of success.

I stated that I have an eye condition that is apparently allergy related and has been going on for the last 25 years. Every 5-6 weeks I get what I call an eye bloom, much like conjunctivitis but it isn’t and none of that medication works. This is very disruptive to life as I usually can’t work, drive or do anything that requires sight for 3 to 4 days.

I have been to two of the top ophthalmologists in Jhb, even went to an ENT medical surgeon to see if he could find anything. After going through a multitude of tests, expensive medical procedures and tried much medication, I end up pretty much at square one with very little symptomatic relief and having to endure this condition every time.

About two/three months ago, I purchased the next level in the Kyusho healing series online which turned out to be about sinus relief. This was of great interest to me as I have for a long time believed that there was a correlation between my sinuses and my eye problem. Since then I have been doing the exercise on a regular basis and have found that over time, the “attacks” have lessened to a point where I am down to only one day being bad, even then I am still able to work, live and am using much less medication.

I believe that by continuing with this exercise as well as the Ba Guan Gin exercises I will, in a couple of months, be free of medication and these “attacks” having helped my body to deal more effectively with the onslaught of pollution.

Our bodies are amazing and through Kyusho I am becoming more aware of their wonders.

Keep Motivated!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Martin Luther King said, "Everyone has the power of greatness; not for fame, but greatness. Because greatness is determined by service.."


I have really enjoyed the last few products I bought from you, especially the healing document. I tried the BL60 for lower back pain on one of my students it worked almost immediately, thank you for that.

David Field
Manchester, UK


And for me i use the kyusho Health and wellness Technics in my family and in my work. It’s very fun to help collegues for their headache, help my wife for her stomach , sore throat, insomia and headache too. I try on my son the remedy for the hiccups, but it doesn’t work… i must try again and again. I love the kyusho KHW !

Congratulation for the First Aid DVD, i watched it last week end and it was very very interesting and in french!!! Wonderful!!!

Kilian Forclaz - Switzerland


Kyusho heart revival!

Yesterday I had a good result with the "heart revival"

A guest of us had more than an hour a heart that went on the bump. I made the point Bladder 15. Kyusho when the heart revival Result, again a quiet heart. Really super.

Otherwise, this person had expected to hospital for an electrical cardioversion. When an electrical cardioversion, the patient is placed under general anesthesia a short period, after which an attempt is made by an electric shock (similar to that of a defibrillator) to restore the rhythm.

Super proud!!

Rick Kamstra


I have attended 3 Kyusho workshops and have just joined as a member.

I recently had the opportunity to use the revival techniques taught at the beginning of the workshop, not knowing I would use them in these situations!

At a sales conference 3 people complained of headaches and using the revival technique for knockouts ( apart from the slap at the base of the neck ) these 3 peoples headaches were cured within a number of minutes.

My 19 year-old daughter was having heart palpitations the day after the sales conference. I applied the revival for the heart ( very gently, which was no more than a gentle tap with a knuckle ) and the heart instantaneously went into a normal pattern! This even amazed me as it was so quick.

A fantastic new use that I never anticipated when joining.

Kind Regards,
Craig Dawtrey - South Africa


I just wanted to inform you about some ongoing projects here in Austria! As i stated in the forum, there are severals Projects concerning KTCP for Flight Attandents and Train Perosnal!

But far more importent is, that in the Studygroup of Wolfgang and Clive,there is a Wheel chair driver called Wolfgang. All the doctors told him,he´d never bee able to move again. He was not able to feel Pain or control his Stomach or some other organs!

Since we are working on his nerves, he starts to feel pain again and his controll of Stomach and bladder and intsestine is back more than 80%. He loves to work with Kyuhso and so we start to adapt points and techniques for wheel chair driver here in Salzburg.

Max Maislinger
Salzburg, Austria

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