Health Restoration Success Stories

Working with Kyusho, it's concepts and physiological practice, I have achieved so much more in not only my Martial Art, but in many related fields. The one field I am most interested, challenged and satisfied with is in Health and Wellness.

More than any Martial technique or method, the simple health restorative measures I have found and taught over decades, have had far more use and benefit for those that learned them. As example the 3 simple headache relief methods have been used by thousands many more thousands of times across the globe than any Martial application ever taught. These simple methods take seconds to perform and release the tension and pain within the recipient just as quickly. But there is so much more in this program all stemming from the basic revivals we practice in urgent situations.

Here is one quick note that was left on my YouTube channel (link here to see the film that the comment was left on, and read the comments to find it:

• 3 months ago@jamesolieslager9992

Evan Pantazi I just want to thank you for being the greatest Martial Arts teacher ever. I am a Martial Arts instructor myself and through your teachings and videos that I watch I incorporate some of it into our training with great results and success. I currently have acute bronchitis for the past five weeks, it became so severe that I could not breathe for at least six times on several occasions. This morning on my birthday I had the most frightening bronchitis attack where I could not breathe, I had to wake up one of my students (Shaun Xxxxxx) to revive me and he used the technique for heart attack or asthma attack and it worked. I could feel with the second strike I could breath again and with that I thank you for saving my life and countless other people's lifes knowingly and unknowingly, I wish we could meet someday so that I can thank you in-person for your great teachings and give my and my students respect to you sire. There are more testimonies from us of how your videos, skills, knowledge and teaching has helped and saved people's lives. Thank you so much sir for everything you are doing. GOD bless.

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See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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