KYUSHO.... is the "Vital Point" in every entity in existance!

The human body is a miracle of structures from Skin to Muscle, Bone and Organs with Vascular and Nerve tissue supplying nutrients and neurological impulses for life sustenance and function.

The study of Kyusho is learning to manipulate and utilize these vital structures for increased efficiency and possibilities in any area of daily life. Kyusho International ® is the recognized world leader of these vital structures and functionality through Research, Education and Certification.

Kyusho International is comprised of independent practitioners around the world using a standardized curriculum that integrates to their individual needs.  Our curriculum is far superior to other instructional processes on Kyusho due to it's simplified and structured processes that saves you time.  And we verify everything with a group of affiliated Medical Professionals (in many disciplines and medical specialties), to insure our accuracy and safety for all practitioners.

The internationally acclaimed program also has an integrated business plan if that is the direction you are looking for, that will increase your skills faster and to a higher degree, we can say this from our years of success with tens of thousands around the world.

If you area professional Martial Arts Instructor or even do it as a past time... we can help you increase enrollment and retention... even get some old students back with you.

Kyusho International® has been helping people in over 70 Countries learn this dynamic body of knowledge for their personal use.

With over 260 locations in 45 Countries and a large variety of educational mediums from interactive discussion forums, smart phone apps, DVD's, Books & eBooks, Online Programs with video text and the most anatomically correct anatomical models in the world and many others, you are assured to find your favorite method of learning. This is our commitment to you, the most in depth and understandable mode of learning possible.

We are dedicated to your success!

We are here to help you!

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