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Welcome to Kyusho.com

the leader in Kyusho certification and education around the world.
You know have access to the Kyusho Forum http://www.kyusho.com/kyushoforums/   to ask any questions or to interact with other Kyusho enthusiasts and practitioners form around the world.
To find a Kyusho affiliate to work Kyusho near you, please visit this page:  http://www.kyusho.com/ki-locations/
We have the free Blog with articles weekly covering all aspects of Kyusho
And for a full Kyusho education we have the encyclopedia of Kyusho online for you as well... http://www.kyusho.com/cutting-edge-technology/  
For deeper study we offer our affiliate program where we help you build a group to train and work toward instructor levels: http://www.kyusho.com/organization/affiliate/ 
Again Welcome and...
Please let us know if there is something further we can assist you with contact us at:   http://www.kyusho.com/support/   
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