Home Protection

Kyusho (Vital Points) for Forced Entry

As society experiences more and more hardships, there will be more and more crime, more violence and more home invasions.

We all intrinsically understand that we must be prepared, that no longer is crime or violence just something that happens to other people in other places that we only hear about on the news.  Most of us have known someone that has been a victim of one crime or another, it is an ever increasing risk and we all understand we could be the next statistic.

But where do you go or who can you seek that will help you prepare for this probability.  You can not go to the Police or the Government, you can not rely on the Police being called or even getting to you on time, we can no longer rely on laws protecting us from assailants, it is on you alone and why we have created this new series for your protection.

In this first volume we look at Forced Entry, someone breaking their way into your home or vehicle, while you are still in it.  This is not information on what to do in a break in, but rather how to stop the criminal from entering your home or vehicle to rob or harm you. We can not rely on strength or prolonged fighting with the intruder, we need to attack Vital Points that will instantly disable their attack to secure our family or selves.

This is a look at unarmed forcible entry into your home which can be handled using common sense, some prepared strategies and your environment.  However in times of stress common sense and correct reactions are difficult especially with no prior thought or strategic planning.  With this information we strongly suggest you not only read it or think about it, but we suggest that you actually walk through the various ideas here to gain deep understanding and reflexive response.


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