tszNever Techniques

are the second most important aspect in the Martial Arts is the tools (after the targets).

The ancient method of anatomical targeting needed penetrating weapons to inflict the most destructive, efficient and definitive results.  This was achieved on the battlefield with forged metal, but in hand to hand combatives the body was developed into weapons.  More time was spent on this training than is today, (if even trained now) as the need is not readily seen by modern practitioners in this relatively calm period in societal evolution.

The long arduous process of forging tools (conditioning of knuckles, finger tips, legs, etc.) into hardened weapons is too much for most just looking for a hobby, fitness or real martial skill.  And as such many important aspects of the ancient arts are not surviving the years for future generations.  Now we see people overly involved with Kata (not hitting anything), Sparring (a game of tag and pulling the blows) and self defense techniques (with careful application to not cause damage)... all ingrain  an improper mindset and will or spirit. This is not to say that each of these practices is bad, they can be transformed once Kyusho (and especially the tools used are trained).

Let's first look at what happens when a person begins their weapon training in earnest:

  1. First there is a mental shift from divergent complexity to focused simplicity and efficiency.
  2. Then the spirit is forged as the determination grows from training long painful and dangerous methods.
  3. The bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and skin are hardened far more than in technique, sparring or kata work.
  4. The focus on the delivery angle and penetration depth of the weapon becomes the goal and mindset.
  5. Striking through the surface is trained and ingrained.

One of the main problems is that instructors in modern times place too much emphasis on physical action and techniques comprised of combined physical actions, less on the targets and tools. This means that more mental every (nuero transmission and even thought), is diverted to these endeavors as opposed to focusing on the goal.  This is great for fitness and appearance, but diminishing for affect and result in Kyusho.  Many look at the old black and white films of the Masters from Uechi to Funakoshi and are surprised to see their performances look sloppy, lazy, casual... and more, just not crisp and pretty like modern Martial Artists Performances.  But that is the key, today most are so interested in "Performance" as opposed to real application and they cannot see the intent of the old masters... in fact they dismiss it to them just being old or we have improved the arts.  We have not improved the arts,we have changed the arts...this is not bad if you are looking more to exercise or looking pretty, but it is if you care about effectivity.

They spent time on the Makiwara, Mook Joong,Bricks and boards, sand and rocks, etc. to forge powerful weapons for specific targets they preferred.  This gave them a vastly different possibility with a vastly different skill.  That said, we do not however need to disfigure our hands r other body parts as they did with their conditioning, there are much smarter ways to train the tools you use as it is no longer seen by the public as a status symbol or signify-er of a master.  Today warped, calloused hands as example are viewed as ugly, no one really knows (except a very few) what this is about and if not really necessary why do it.  Also something to think about... we live longer and will need to endure the pain and limitations of arthritis or other such maladies from over conditioning.  However as our goal is no longer to kill the opponent, we no longer need this disfiguring approach,but we do need to condition and work our tools as the second most important aspect of our combatives training and preparation.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, but in simple terms you need to have contact with something other than air when you train.  Walls, door jams, trees, anything will do, butof course the best is an actual person... yes that means really hitting (and also being hit..this will be a subject for another article).  You need to know (before the SHTF) what are your most natural weapons or tools and what targets you can attain no matter what the situation.  This is not an overnight process, you must spend many training hours first building a vast array of tools and targets, then another great many hours getting rid of the superfluous to simplify for effective self protection.  Then countless more hours repeating these in all environments, conditions, stress levels etc., this is not a game and it must be train as such otherwise you fool yourself into thinking you are prepared.  (this is all possible working with a Kata as well, but that is for another time)

Your most important tool is your mind... as you train your other tools, in the above manner, you will be sharpening your mind.  This is not a collection of techniques, but rather a conditioning of a martial artist.  Let's look at it from another perspective, you have two individuals ready to fight, both of equal age, size, strength and physical abilities.  One has trained hard on Kata and self defense techniques, the other in targeting weaker anatomical structures and hardening his weapons... who has a better chance?   Do not fool yourself.