From yet another Old Master or Founding Father...

Yes General Choi Hing Hi, the founder of Taekwon-do added the Kyusho (he called Kupso) to his encyclopedia of Taekwon-do, a huge set of 15 volumes depicting the original ways of his style.

Specifically located in volume 2, starting on page 88... we can see stark resemblance to the notes added to Ginchin Funakoshi's epic book "Karate Do Kyohan" from where the origins of this style eminated.  However these notes are in turn very similar in comparison to those of Hohan Soken, Mabuni, Fujita and so many others.


The significance to all Martial Artists is to realize that Kyusho was the foundation of most Martial Arts.  Although it was systematically stripped from the mass adoption by secretive instruction to top practitioners or family members, it is none the less VITAL, to acknowledge and therefore study.

Any Martial Artist that does not pursue the full knowledge of their style or system, will never gain the full and true worth that it contains. was founded to enlighten all stylists of their particular Martial Art, to the real basis and potential they can once again reclaim... we are here to help you.


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Additional References:

Hohan Soken

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General Choi Hong Hi

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