To the Bubishi and Beyond

As we have all heard the famous expression by Founder of Goju-Ryu, Miyagi Chojun stating "The Bubishi is the Bible of Karate"... was imparting a message to all that followed in that tradition.  His introduction of the Kata "Tensho" held the 6 Ji Hands of the Shaolin School and is one of the keys to making this enigmatic publication come to life.

The manual seems vague or outdated, but in conjunction with the study of Kyusho (the Vital Points), the keys to this ancient book unfold.  As the keys are revealed, one begins to understand more and more of the contents of the articles within.  We begin to see the correlations also with the heritage of the book, the two prominent animal styles presented, the methods of attack and their affects over time and so much more... these affects are not myth, legend or magic, they are as real as the Karate itself.  This is not based on acupuncture, it is based on real anatomical structures of nerve, blood, organ, muscle and tendons.

The (Kyusho) Kata of Goju

The Bubishi further reveals itself to the Goju practitioner during the practice of 3 main Kata of the style; Tensho, Sanchin, and Seiunchin.  The training processes involved in these Katas are to generate...

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