TKD Black Belt Program 1


Kyusho Taekwon-do Black Belt Program 1



In Tae Kwon Do, General Choi documented the vital points or Kyusho in his writings as well, yet it is not known, understood or utilized as the founder had intended:

"Vital spot in Taekwon-Do is defined as any sensitive or breakable area on the body vulnerable to an attack. It is essential that the student of Taekwon-Do has a knowledge of the different spots so that he can use the proper attacking or blocking tool. Indiscriminate attack is to be condemned as it is inefficient and wasteful of energy". - General Choi Hong Hi (최홍희), ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAEKWON-DO, Volume II, page 88.

The founder understood well that even the so called "Blocks" were actually tools for attacking the weaker anatomical structures of the opponent.

Techniques of attacks on pressure points are called "Kupso" (급소) in Korean martial arts ((Kyusho Jutsu (Japanese: 急所術)) they were an integral part of General Choi's Taekwon-do but long forgotten, now with the mutual agreement with Kyusho International, it will once again be.

His surviving son Choi Jung Hwa, current President of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) is now working with us integrating Kyusho with ITF technique getting back to the founders omitted applications.

No longer is Kyusho disbelieved by most, no longer is it just for outsiders, a similar paradigm that we share with Taeknown-do.  Many Martial Artists have badmouthed TKD as well for decades due to it's sport tendencies, just as Kyusho has been forit's unbelievable power, affect and efficiency.  But both are not only viable, they are strong, undeniable Martial entities and we are proud to link arms with the ITF and all Taekwon-do practitioners around the world to bring back the founders original art.

The curriculum is set and is the start of a worldwide dynamic, Kyusho will eventually be in all Martial Arts and also not in the too distant future, that is the goal that Kyusho International has set and is accomplishing.

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Taekwon-do Kyusho Black Belt Program 1
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