Kyusho – Heian Yondan

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Kyusho is a foundational pillar of all Kata

It has long been written by many masters of old, that anatomical Kyusho was a basis of their particular styles.

In this film, Cody Robyn breaks down some Kyusho Interpretations from Heian Yondan.

  1. Kata
  2. Arms Attacks
  3. Head Attacks
  4. Body Attacks
  5. Leg Attacks
  6. Takedowns
  7. Grappling (standing or ground)
  8. Joint manipulation
  9. Weapons attack
  10. Use in Sparring



Cody Robyn
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Exclusive Certifying Instructor Level 6
Certification License to Practitioner/ Level 5
Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai 急所術国際師範會 - 6th Degree Black Belt
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December 31, 2017
Learn Real KarateTraditionalists have long ignore this as they were not directly instructed in Kyusho by their Asian Instructors... but they themselves know of it... some even now going public with it.

Here are some examples from past posts:

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Traditional Kyusho

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