Watch to the end and you will see and hear Tsutomu Nakahodo Sensei, Uechi Ryu 10th Dan Hanshi show and talk openly about Kyusho.



A Kyusho Kata?

No... your Kata with Kyusho in it...

Just look at that guy to the right, you think he is just blocking or hitting the testicals?

To really learn, we must go full circle back to the original intent of the ancient traditional Martial Arts styles and Kata… with the missing Kyusho applications.  When you read the old Masters writings, notes, scrolls and manuals, they all included the vital targets of the human body.  Sadly as Karate gained popularity this “Vital” information was not included, in fact the Katas morphed slightly to hide or mute the intent and potency.  It is Vital we bring it back to life for future generations and to bring the original integrity of the arts back as we develop the Kata as the Old Masters once did.

The Founders of Karate worked from real understanding of anatomy, battle and yes fighting. Many texts, notes and scrolls (like the ancient Bubishi) that many worked from, document Kyusho and Dim Mak.  What is absolutely astounding however, is that there is an entire culture of Karate "Purists" or "Traditionalists" are turning a blind eye.  These are people who spend countless hours researching the history of every detail of the Martial Arts, they know every name, who they learned with, they have library's of books and writings (as mentioned above in part).  Yet they all IGNORE the fact that the older masters worked with and documented Kyusho.  This is not really being a researcher, it is also not a historian or even master of the art that turns a blind eye to any detail professed by the founders of that style.  Where is the tradition?  Where is the respect of the old ways... they did not just throw things in writing without extreme knowledge, experience and understanding of the subject, their word was sacred and so too were their records.  (sadly not like today).

These traditionalists stopped asking because they believed they knew all, but they do not.  They are on a road of stagnancy and regression with this ignoration of a well documented but ridiculed science in the same historical record/s they profess.  They laugh at Kyusho Practitioners for researching... what their founders did, researched and documented, quite a hypocritical position actually.  They do not see the practitioners as real researchers, they mock and chide as there are many trying to work it,but after all it is a very advanced aspect and mistakes have, are and will be made in the research and practice.  However and in the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi; “First they ignore you,   then they ridicule you,   then they fight you,   and then you win.”


Kyusho Advances Your Karate is dedicated not only to educating people what Kyusho really is, but also to bringing these old teachings back to the Martial Artist in a clear and concise process that advances any Karate Kata or practitioners personal abilities.  The postures and actions of Kata are based on actual application of Kyusho (deep at the core, but only taught to special students of old), in conjunction with the old Katas and Bunkai infused with real Kyusho Targets.  These are not what is commonly known as ”Pressure Points” (as in acupuncture) which are a misleading and theoretical approach, but rather real anatomical structures, human physiology and function.

Kyusho adds infinite possibilities to the Karate Kata and as it develops it will continue to feed the Martial Artist and Martial Arts perpetually while maintaining the traditional and profound Kata passed on to future generations.

Kata is as unique as each individual with their own personal outlook and skills, the integration of Kyusho brings an open Kata Bunkai development method that increases this diversity and unlimited potential.  Imagine how much the Karate world would benefit if hundreds if not thousands of Karate instructors, each breaking down their desired Kata with a criteria based set of Kyusho Bunkai.  And if each of them shared their methods and Bunkai (as they used to) for a record of historical benefit… to all Karateka and future generations. In the old days the masters would get together and share information among their peers, it was not until modern times that we digressed and hid from each other, coveting our supposed secrets and training methods.  We are going back in time now to bring back that spirit of community.

This will also add unlimited methods for all practitioners as well as lesson plans for the instructors… and all within their respective art.  As each candidate displays their personal Kata of choice with their unique Bunkai, utilizing the tools of their style and the targets of Kyusho, we will gain so much from each other and progress into higher degrees of skill, understanding and new possibilities.  We will all share similar actions in our styles, but see them in different ways when performed by others in these unique applications.  As the targets are the same anatomical structures on all beings, this is the common thread from historical times, updated and modernized.

A set Process

Here is very simple process and model to use to develop a Kata Bunkai using Kyusho; you choose a Kata you work with already in your style.  You perform the Kata you choose and develop 24 Bunkai (steps), you develop yourself using Kyusho targets you have researched and can actually perform.  This should be done in a combative and resistive method, as example a two or three step attack response, ended with the Kyusho application and reaction (no KO is necessary, Kyusho is far more than that).  This could also be worked in a short drill format where there is attack and defense in continuous play.

The required applications have 8 levels of 3 Bunkai for each (all with Kyusho Targets, not conventional method), they are mobile and combative Kyusho targeting of;

  1. Arms
  2. Head
  3. Body
  4. Legs
  5. Takedowns
  6. Grappling (standing or ground)
  7. Joint manipulation
  8. Weapons attack

This will let you express your full potential as you explore the Kyusho inherent in all styles and as documented by the founders of the Art.  And it will add your personal stamp to your long training in the arts.  You can use these as personal training programs for yourself or your students... We will offer professional guidance for all instructors so you maximize the value and benefits... As you train on your own or with knowledgeable coaches.  We already have a network of Kyusho Black Belts worldwide for this special initiative, so you can fully develop your repertoire and grow fast.  We will even help you in achieving your Black Belt Dan certification (commensurate with skill) appropriate accredited Dan Rank. 

And it will become a great curriculum program you design for your own students or organization.  We suggest you work in a logical teaching manner in your system and we can help coach you in this initiative.  Imagine you do this for 10 Kata and work them in succession from the beginner level (they will no longer be beginner Kata with the advancement of Kyusho application) and work through the higher level Kata your system.  This compilation of Kata breakdown can then be used for your Black Belt training system in your school, or as a special program for more earnest students.

It will let you express your full potential as you explore the Kyusho inherent in all styles and as documented by the founders of the Art.  And it will add your personal stamp to your long training in the arts.  You can use these as personal training programs for yourself or your students... We offer professional guidance for all instructors so you maximize the value and benefits... and avoid the pitfalls all while you train on your own or with knowledgeable coaches.  Contact us and we can plug you into a global network of Kyusho Black Belts so you can conveniently and fully develop your repertoire and grow fast.

So as the world again embraces "Karate" we can also get back to its original roots.

We are here to help....

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