mahatma-gandhi-33“First they ignore you,


then they ridicule you,


then they fight you,


and then you win."


― Mahatma Gandhi



The New Norm

Mainstream thinking is to stay within the accepted norms, arguing point is that they are time tested and accepted by the masses.

Well if we stay within that accepted norm and never adventure or progress out of it, we will stagnate and never progress.  This is a dilemma for many as fear holds them back to what others before them stated or held as absolute.

We must always seek better ways to refine or even re-define what we have done, can do and will be able to do in future time.

And so it is with Kyusho.

Recently we have made inroads with the mainstream (Traditional and or conventional Martial Arts), to Kyusho's reality.  This was accomplished by dismissing the theoretical and mythological "Accepted Norms" model and explaining all we do in modern medical and scientific terms.

However some are now resisting Kyusho's reality by citing that the revival or restorative properties are not an accepted medical response norm.  This of course in time may change as did the general acceptance of Kyusho as the reality it is, but some will stay steadfast and in the accepted or their accepted norms.

So let's tackle this issue now and state why the revivals should not only be studied, refined and even accepted by the medical community (some medical professionals we work with already do accept and practice these processes).  Some mainstream stylists refute these and are even raising the question of ethics and legality over "Accepted" CPR and First Aid methods, even though they do not actively practice Kyusho, this also holds true for some medical professionals as well.

The question that should first be asked of those skeptical, resistant or confined in the accepted norms; do you or have you ever practiced serious Kyusho (not just press here and it hurts type stuff).  Then they should be asked what is incorrect and or unethical about correcting what your Kyusho has unbalanced in the bodies "Norm"?  If they answer with "because it is not the accepted norm (method), immediately ask if they do Kyusho...if they do not, they have no actual or factual basis of argument.

Doctors, Scientists and people from all factions of life the world over and historically have acted out of the accepted norms to find a solution, many discoveries and advancements... from these actions have benefitted us all....  this is how we progress.  

First, what we do is not first aid for a stranger that we do not know what has occurred, in this case you should call an emergency medical response team... if you do not know the problem, do not try to fix anything.  But if we induce something on purpose and can immediately remedy this affect and symptoms to once again normalize the individual, then that is absolutely sound in practice.

Next we must accurately understand what these (Kyusho Processes) are, they are not as much revival methods as they are restorative measures to rebalance the status of the body after an application of Kyusho.  The individual will eventually revive as the body normalizes (unless severe measures were applied), on their own, if not a slap, kick, pinch anywhere will awaken the felled recipient.  What we mainly work to accomplish is to minimize the after affects and bring the normal stasis back to the body so they may renew practice or even want to.  So these methods are more aptly a restorative measure, not a revival measure (although they can be a combined process).

As we understand this is more of a restorative process to balance the system, we must then fully understand the affects, structures and functions afflicted... this is accomplished with hands on application slowly as skills to affect more develop in conjunction with the skill to restore these affects.  We must always look to understand or refine these processes and knowledge constantly and never slip into the stagnant and regressive patterns of "Accepted Norms".

However for those not trained or accomplished in a method, to state uncategorically that what we do is not sound or too far beyond the accepted norms (when they do not even have a "Norm" for it), is not only without foundation, it borders on absurd.  For them to criticize, condemn or even laugh at it or make fun of it, should question their own motives over what is possible in something outside their comprehension.  To cower away from experimentation and or refinement,  from an accepted norm... isto be forever under another's opinion and control... freedom, research, advancement and the betterment of all we do should be the "Accepted Norm".

You can not stand still and advance understanding, knowledge, skill and or capabilities at the same time... this is a contradiction and what we will again change in terms of Kyusho.  And as we have from the beginning we are still researching, working, correlating and practicing with several Medical Professionals around the world to advance... we always will.

If you have a question or argument comment below... come on, no fear folks, let's tackle this subject now.

This may stir the beehive a bit (striking a nerve), but that is what Kyusho has done from the beginning, it is not the accepted norm, but that does not mean it is not real.

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