Kyusho is Traditional

In fact Kyusho was around before most styles, they grew up around Kyusho as it is the foundation of the Martial Arts.  What warrior did not study the anatomy to land the decisive and life saving attack to their opponent.

It is the modernization, sportification, dilution and literal growth explosion of Martial Art Schools around the world that caused the break from the Kyusho Tradition.

Modernization... many people studied only a short while with an actual instructor and therefore did not get the full art.  When they began promoting their way of doing there style, however the core was missing.

Sportification... the advent of tournaments that were centered around the high skills of the Modernized Martial Arts.

Dilution... as generations grew faster, left the schools faster to start their own schools, less and less skill was replaced by more and more business systems.

Expansion... there is now a school on every block of the city and more in health clubs and garages... this explosive growth did not allow most to adequately train for long periods of time with the true Sensei's to obtain the Kyusho Skills.

Most Martial Artists are missing half of their training... they were not privileged to the core tenants of their styles doctrines and wholeness.  But that is now rapidly changing as more and more books, documents and films of Traditional Instructors working with and teaching Kyusho.  The film compilation above is only a small sample for your understanding that even or maybe, especially Traditional Instructors are showing more publicly.

I also think that since they keep this so guarded and set to a handful of people, that the modern Kyusho practitioners far exceed the rudimentary training, understanding and even skill of those that kept it so "Traditional" and locked away.

Traditional Instructors featured working with Kyusho in the film above are:

  • Tetsuhiro Hokama - Goju Ryu
  • Masaaki Hatsumi - Togakure-Ryū
  • Taika Seiyu Oyata - Ryu-Te
  • Master Bando - Shorinji Kempo
  • Tsutomu Nakahodo - Uechi Ryu


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