Literal vs. Conceptual

When studying Kyusho you can derive both literal and conceptual bunkai from any action in any style. In the literal version you would use the exacting action and or posture. One example would be the three Palm and Backfists of Saifa (translated as "smash and tear") pictured to the right (Goju-Ryu Kata).

However it is when you begin to look at the actions and postures as a more conceptual idea, you will begin to notice the similarities with many other styles and applications. As example in a Single Palm Change in Bagua or Nai Han Chi of Shorin Ryu (and others).

Kyusho Mindset 

Once involved in Kyusho, you begin to think and move differently. You first think or seek a target, then select a tool that will be suited for that target with maximum efficiency and affect and finally administer the attack with the correct trajectory that fits the body naturally. When the practitioner reaches this stage, their potential is exponentially unleashed as they adapt automatically for target presented and tool selection for the best application and most devastating affect.



Watch the affects of the 3 Palms of Saifa 34:00 Film


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