Never put Kyusho in your style, put your style into Kyusho.

Kyusho is unique and has far more benefits than just martial art application, it easily fits into any style or stands alone as a style.

When you work to put Kyusho into any particular style, it becomes restrained and bound to technique.  It must conform to the set technique or parameters you give it, as that is how you train yourself to work.

The difficulty lies in needing to rely on technique in time of need as opposed to responding to the action at hand.  If an opponent attacks for example just a bit differently than what you practiced as a technique (from within the style), then you must now adjust and rely not on muscle memory or trained reflexive and immediate response, but rather develop a new action for what is spontaneously occurring. This in turn takes time so you are now behind and in a defensive mode as opposed to controlling the situation.

If you bound yourself to systematic planned actions you will be hard pressed to deploy those in unplanned, spontaneous and unorthodox circumstance... fights or attacks do not follow rules or logic they stem from desperation, anger and unstable erratic thoughts of an uncontrolled unfearful opponent.

We all have the style we are passionate about and we all want to infuse the power and efficiency of Kyusho into it to make us better practitioners, instructors or to gain further knowledge on what our styles hold.  But this is a limited method to achieve your goal, there is a better way.

When you work Kyusho as a separate entity, you are unbound and eventually it will be in everything you do... natural and unrestrained.

Kyusho should be trained in spontaneous targeting method as opposed to integrated into technique, this will unlock unlimited potential with total spontaneity and immediate reflexive response.

When you train to recognize and access Kyusho targets without set technique and in dynamic spontaneous action, then that becomes your reflex.  You will move immediately with no hesitation, no thought and not allowing the opponents momentum and initial attack put you on the defensive.

This will help you understand Kyusho in a conceptual way as opposed to literal, which will unleash your Kyusho.

So how do you then integrate it into your style?  You do nothing, as you develop spontaneously, your actions will become automatic and the Kyusho will  just happen without conscious thought.  You will feel the Kyusho happen, not plan it or plan for it, it manifests on it's own.

So how do you put your style into Kyusho?  You do nothing, your style has developed weapons, angles of attack, movement,  distancing, etc.  When you target Kyusho these trained actions the weapons will emerge naturally, not pushed or planned.

They must be trained separately to achieve your true potential.

When you feel this happening (and it will more and more each day), you will realize Kyusho is your art and not just added in.


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