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Most practitioners of Sanchin hold fast to the idea and practice of the Kata as a meditation, body strengthening, body conditioning and breath control method.  Few look at the infinite possibilities of Sanchin as a complete Martial System, that range from all of the above attributes, to close combat fighting capabilities.

The past film "Sanchin Entering" was a instant self protection process worked through 9 levels of Kyusho deployment, using the postures, positions and actions of the Pangainoon (Uechi Ryu) version of Sanchin.  So the decision to help people further their study in this Kata, Kyusho and the process of breaking down a Kata, we will be building the training process for you in real time.

Starting with this film of a first run Tegumi with Tools and Targets all from Sanchin... each month or so I will release a refined version and then bridge it to Seisan and possibly Sanseiru and Suparempi as well.

It will be a work in progress until the final filming, as well as the Seminar Tour for 2019 (actually 4 courses are available for seminars). It will also help anyone training Kata to use a similar format to break down their own Kata into the modules.  These modules would be a drill for targets and tools, Tuite, Tegumi as well as Tactical applications.  These drills and Tegumis are by no means a finite product, they serve as only a road map and how to manual for you.

I chose the Pangainoon/Uechi Kata as they are some of the more original forms as taken from China... including the 6 Hands of Shaolin (6 Ji Hands of the Bubishi) and the essence of the White Crane, Black Tiger and the Dragon, synthesis of both.  Not only are these ancient Chinese Animal Styles, they are the embodiment of Yin and Yang as well as the human.


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