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Originally I released a series in 1997 that included these three main Kata; Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru, but it was under a false or inconsequential paradigm.  This new series is just pure scientific anatomy (actual target structures named), but also includes the point mane for those that are accustomed to them for easier assimilation of real information.

  • These are one strike KO's or Compressions
  • No esoteric or confusing TCM explanations (incorrect paradigm)
  • Sound projection
  • Many levels of tissue attack (muscle, nerve, tendon, vascular and organ all detailed through the series)
  • More....

Work with this series was also the reason for in depth study of the Bubishi, it’s targets and particularly the 6 Ji Hands* that are prevalent throughout the Pangai-Noon/Uechi Ryu styles.  It is one of the very few styles that contain and focus on these specific hand positions to get to the Deep Tissue of the body.  The use of hands not as  bludgeons, but rather daggers (please see Hohan Sokens references to weapons of choice – Hohan Sokens Secret Notes).  This Sanchin also combines transitional torquing type power utilized in the 6 Ji Hands* to properly use Kyusho… this is a missing facet in most Kyusho practitioners skill sets.  *These titles available on the subscription service.



8 KO's (including compression and blood KO's)

This film is 2 hours long and works the seemingly simple Kata through 8 stages of fighting skill (a complete Martial System in one Kata).  This first offering will be a part of a continuing series including the 3 main forms and will even include the controversial fourth Kata "Suparempi".  Free for Platinum Subscription Members!  (includes the first three out of production films from 1997 of Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru and all new productions in the series) with access to over 80 additional full length films, plus monthly additional films in the Vlog at no extra charges!!!


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The single 2 hour production for $69.95
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