Glass"Reality is in the individuals perception"

- Evan Pantazi

Most people look at the glass half full or half empty depending on their optimistic nature or their pessimistic nature.

It is a rare individual that sees the same object as completely full... half with liquid half with air... it is a rarer individual yet that thinks what is the difference.

Why think of it as separate entities at all, why not see it as different vibrational frequencies in close proximity?

  • If you think it is half empty, it is.
  • If you think it is half full, it is.
  • If you think it is completely full, it is.
  • If you think it is a series of vibrations in vibrations,it is.

How do you want to think, as that will construct your perceptions and hence your realities.

This has everything to do with Kyusho training as well.  If you think it is a Martial Art, it is, if you think of it as a Healing art, it is... if you think of it as an anatomical study it is... but when you think that is is and is in everything... it is.

This is where true and full growth will be realized.


Energy Transfer

Reverse Engineering






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