Energy transference can have many different sources and therefore meanings or realities.

For example most Body Workers, Yoga or  Martial Arts practitioners think of Chi, Ki or Prana when they hear the term energy .  Electricians, Mechanics and Engineers will have several  other definitions or realities for what energy is.  And taking it even further; Scientists, Physicists and Astronomers have yet another reality or variation of energy is, its origin and how it moves or transfers from one location,  object or form to another.

We must also must  acknowledge or realize that one source or type of energy transferring into another form of energy (such as electricity converting into heat), creates yet another energy form (radiance).  This is true of any form or creation of it.

Yet all these energies, transferences, generations and conversions have a single root that is the essence and core of all universal existence.  This singular essence is the Vital Point (Kyusho), itself.




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