Reverse Engineering

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Greater understanding of Kyusho...

can be realized through processes of reverse engineering.

Most people studying Kyusho focus primarily on the attack and it's dysfunctional outcomes and one can actually reach a suitable skill using this one dimensional learning process.  However to get much farther beyond these skills, one must adapt reverse engineering into the equation.

Martial Artists typically classify this as Yin and Yang, but to view Kyusho (an anatomical study of the human weaknesses), in only a Martial Art sense (or even a positive - negative relationship), restricts full discovery.  In fact to fully discover the potentials you must step away from the Martial aspects and look to the complete opposite side of Health and Wellness as well (just one layer of several dimensions).

If one is successful in these discoveries, it is imperative to look explore other dimensions in existence beyond the physical.  Again many only look at the physical structures of the body, the affects on them or their release.  However looking deeper at the energy transfers taking place throughout the body via the nerves, motor actions, sensory actions, reflex actions, emotion and even into thought itself, yields even greater potential.  This is still best accomplished not by merely looking at the functions or responses, but also by reverse engineering them for far greater understanding.

Even in thought, most only ever receive information, very few ever release it.  I know you are saying but I teach and give my thoughts back all the time... but really how much of this is merely regurgitating what others have said?  When most people learn something, they store it in their mind and at a later time release it in pretty much the same form, or combinations of small bits from varying storage.  This is how we have been conditioned through the modern educational system, (a programmed dumbing down or nullifying of additional natural functioning for full cognitive understanding).

How many receive a thought and begin to analyze it and reverse engineer it t squeeze out the full worth.  In doing so you begin to add awareness (5th dimension), experiences, memories, other information and yes even your emotions to the process.  What is then available is a vast multi-dimensional understanding as opposed to simply a memory or reactive physical game... or as the saying goes; "Monkey see monkey do"?

Today we are on sensory overload and that is how most operate, but you can break free by unplugging from this overload and emitting more than receiving... this can begin with simply reverse engineering all input (live it fully).



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  1. Euphoria64 says:

    To emit more than you receive, as an aspect of “Reverse Engineering” as I perceive it, reminds me essentially of our ability to problem solve or find solutions (depending on what is focused on).

    We only have a problem when our mind shifts to a focus that has identified that where we are isn’t where we want to be. We have created a outcome for ourselves. That in itself can create for us, either a problem frame or an outcome frame. Difference being the former is about focus on what’s wrong and not wanted and the latter, about focus on what is desired and wanted. Either way, there is a focus to want to change the situation, and move from our present to our desired place of thinking/being/experiencing. What is different will be the quality of the results achieved based on what drives our focus – former or latter.

    Conversely, if you don’t want to be anywhere other than where you are, you have no problem and perhaps this could be seen as why Monkey See, Monkey Do mentality is witnessed. Unless you want more for yourself than you currently have, you do nothing more than allow the experience to be absorbed without any critical questioning. My opinion.

    This notion of emitting more than you receive is what I believe and I quote Robert Dilts, a co-developer of NLP…”is primarily to do with inquiry and achievement”!
    I take from that…You need to ask questions and you need to want to desire a better outcome for yourself if you are going ever yield better cirmcumstances for yourself. I have heard it said that some people would rather die than have to think! Well if we aren’t thinking and questioning and time is passing by, in this sense we aren’t fully living now are we!

    Continuing to run with this idea…the act of now having a goal has all of a sudden created a problem.
    What a nice place to be in.

    Perhaps you may have realised that and Outcome Frame is likely to be the best focus to get you where you want to be.

    Before you can find a solution, you have to define the space in which it resides. Einstein put it this way…Our thinking creates a problem that the same thinking can not solve. The basic principle is that our basic map of thinking that lead us to our problem space isn’t gonna show us the way out.

    You may have heard the quotes:
    Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different or better results, well I am going to state another…If you alway do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

    Perhaps some food for thought.

    Evan has eluded us to the idea of Reverse Engineering.
    He has pointed the way to the WHERE part.

    So now maybe, the next question to reverse engineer is, how can you take Evan’s information and find the HOW to apply it part!

  2. Euphoria64 says:

    Has anyone thought about the tools and resources that are available to them already as strategies of thinking and acting upon that can be hijacked to enhanced the ability to learn a skill effectively and quickly?

  3. Dee says:

    What comes to mind is “out of the box” thinking , going down the road less traveled, and going against the grain. When I think of reverse engineering, I think of starting from the answer to find the question (similar to the jeopardy game show). The thinking process has to be dismantled piece by piece to observe reverse engineering . This also covers the other articles i.e., 3d approach, 5th dimensional approach, intent, visualization.

    Dean, my short answer would be empty the glass and fill it with a different beverage (don’t fill it with the same stuff)

  4. admin says:

    That brings up a huge point Dee:

    Most people look at the glass half full or half empty depending on their optimistic nature or their pessimistic nature.

    It is a rare individual that sees the same object as completely full… half with liquid half with air… it is a rarer individual yet that thinks what is the difference.

    Why think of it as separate entities at all, why not see it as different vibrational frequencies in close proximity?

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