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One of the Shuri style Karate Kata that is most widely used and revered is the Nai Han Chi... it is even used in some Naha based Karate (Goju's Secret Kata).

The Kata is from ancient China, but beyond that there is little empirical evidence as to it's origins.  Some conjecture that it originated from two Chinese Styles being Tam Tui (Springing Leg Set) for it's side to side legwork as well as from Praying Mantis Style.

In any event this is one of the most powerful and efficient fighting Katas, if you can change your context.

Many times people perform a Kata for it's actions and other benefits such as exercise, coordination, exhibition and even Bunkai or martial techniques.

The techniques typically start as a defense, then a counter attack which is fine, however with a change of context in your Kata, you can also change your possibilities and escalate the worth as well as potential for that Kata.

But techniques always fail under pressure, stress and if the attacker does not attack just right.  Instead of memorizing a bunch of attack specific techniques, try working instead with tools and targets.


Nai Han Chi Nidan

As a brief example let's look at a series of actions in Nai Han Chi Nidan, and adapt it to tools and targets rather than a specific technique.

The context of target (more specifically the collar bone, can be worked with any tool or action from the three sections of Nai Hanch.  Not only that, but they can be linked together all focused on the same target... "Kyusho" (internal anatomical vital target).


Film Presentation

You will be watching the context and methods of attack to the clavicle, the anatomical structures and affects, a Medical explanation, a simulated repair and a real repair.  This will illustrate how the ancient medics could not help this type of injury and why death could and did ensue.

The target is called Danshu in Hohan Soken's Notes and depicted in many sets of scroll, manuals and notes of the great Masters of the Martial Arts... they had the correct context.

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