In one Kata

Yes it is possible and especially easy when you base it with Kyusho.

Take one Kata, be it Shuri, Naha or Tomari based and instead of looking for perfect performance, techniques or Bunkai... look at the tools and targets the Kata employs, their trajectory and the vast array of possibilities to apply them in spontaneous and increasingly stressful situations.

For the discussion here we will just take a simple (in movements) Kata to work with...Sanchin.  This Kata can be found in all the area styles mentioned above; Shuri, Naha and Tomari.

Now the system of course must contain conditioning, internal and external Iron Shirt methods, attribute training as well as mental and physical expression to develop spirit.

How do you make a complete system with Sanchin?

Using the specific actions of the Kata only, apply them in stepped and logical progression, starting simply and advancing in difficulty.  As example,if you want to base it in the old Kyu / Dan system or paradigm, then think for these Kyu levels (each level building new skills while reinforcing, refining and advancing old levels):

10th Kyu - Well start with revivals as without knowing how to correct what you cause, it becomes unethical and irresponsible to enact.

9th Kyu - Next work the safest, yet most difficult task of targeting Kyusho structures on the arms of the opponent, in motion.  This could be drills which are a great start for a beginner, then step it up to spontaneous application.  Once a high level of skill accuracy and actuality(meaning they can cause the correct affect, pain, withdrawal,dysfunction),then move them into the next Kyu.  (Better have those arm revivals down)

8th Kyu - At this level have the individual targeting the Kyusho targets of head, again using only the tools and actions of this Kata, simply at first, then adding difficult and increasingly stressful situations in which to achieve the targets and affects.  This may be by themselves or from an arm attack to the head... so we see you not only have new targets, new abilities, but also further study and skill attainment in the prior level. (Better have those revivals down)

7th Kyu - This level is in the same progression and a single task... to successfully learn and target the Kyusho Body Structures, in motion (all levels must be active in dynamic motion for training accuracy, depth perception, trajectories and physical endurance).  Once skill and actualization of body targets are realized, you then bring the other levels into play.  As example from arm targeting to body targets, from arms to body to head, from body to head, etc..  Again reinforcing prior levels and gaining greater skill in this level.  Start with drills and move into spontaneous situations, then increasing the stress levels and speed.  (Better have those revivals down especially for the breathing, nausea and other complications)

6th Kyu - Next we work the legs in dual training scenarios, kicking skills as well as targeting in a protective mode.  Working to target them with our kicks is one step, then targeting incoming kicks the next.  Worked alone or in drills to begin, then adding them with prior levels to develop an infinite array of attack and target scenarios.  Add more dynamics like stress, urgency and tactical training and you have already built a formidable fighter.  But we are not done.

5th Kyu - Kyusho Takedowns and controls or restraints or pins, etc.. This next level works any combination or all levels prior with the advent of Takedowns.  Now this is completely redundant or unnecessary as any and all targets have the capability of dropping an opponent.  However in life nothing is 100% and all contingencies must be taken into account, this level will continue to build the individuals skill sets and capabilities for any situation.  Start with drills and move into spontaneous situations, then increasing the stress levels and speed.  (see the pattern here folks).

4th Kyu - Grappling in both standing, clinching and ground work... it all comes into this level.  Again targeting first in drills or in alternating escape and control freestyle, the practitioner first learns this new level and possibility.  Next comes the full scale integration of certain prior levels and or all in drill and spontaneous attack methods.  Each level has new work and integration of old levels that only serves to better each levels abilities and dynamics... taking longer each rank or level as does the timing of all styles as they approach that Dan level.

3rd Kyu - Tuite or Joint Manipulation (manipulation is only used here for those that d not know what Tuite is), but not manipulating the joint for pain, control, dysfunction or dislocation, but more using these familiar joint positions to stretch the nerves for those affects.  This way you will not damage the individual but attain the same affects and goals.  This simultaneously advances the individuals skill sets, but also teaches the restraint and self control this rank merits on their journey to Black Belt.  We work this in the same patterns as all other levels; targeting first in drills or in alternating escape and control freestyle, the practitioner first learns this new level and possibility.  Next comes the full scale integration of certain prior levels and or all in drill and spontaneous attack methods.

2nd Kyu - Weapons Defense (I prefer the descriptor "Protection" as you need to be proactive rather than reactive, especially at this level).  This will be against knife, stick, firearm, bottle, build the individuals understanding of each weapons attack methods as well as dangers.  Each weapon should be thoroughly trained first in drills then spontaneous actions and tactics, then in two weaponed assault and spontaneous use (as example assailant attacks with stick and as you protect, they draw a blade with the other hand adding stress, spontaneity and stress to the situation.  After this level all prior empty hand methods will become less fearful or stressful as the urgency and danger of the weapons is overcome using Kyusho targeting.  All prior levels should be added to this one prior to advancing which builds each levels skill level and prepare the individual for any situation. This will take a while for the individual to accomplish and as with all prior levels, they should not advance to the next level until full competence in each is attained... it ain't a race.

1st Kyu - Incapacitation (yes KO's)... actualizing the skill to incapacitate the attacker at any and all of the prior levels... along with restoration from each.  At this level the opponent must really be incapacitated to the point of loss of body control and altered consciousness.  This must be displayed in dynamic attack action, taking the opponent safely into level two incapacitation and conscious level.  A full knockout or loss of consciousness, cessation of breathing, chest constriction, must also be administered by the practitioner to fully rectify the condition of the fallen.


Dan Levels

1st Dan - At this level we go into complete freestyle sparring, then fighting... yes there is a difference.  This is where all prior levels begin to really come out in faster and more urgent need...not only reinforcing and gaining additional skill of all levels, but gaining in tactical application as well.

As our Dan levels are more propitiatory (and far more advanced in their ramifications on the physiological and functionality of the recipient), they will not be discussed publicly.  However as each level above they are a single task that is far more stressing, difficult and advanced in application as well as affect.

As many around the world are learning on-line, from seminars and courses, or purchasing of the videos (we can see as they work the duplication of ideas, targets,methods in these films and courses), we need to keep certain skills and knowledge for those affiliated and under scrutiny and watchful eye of those already through the processes.

And contrary to most styles, as you advance in Dan levels, there are always new skills sets and deeper ramifications on the opponents (along with more urgent restorative processes), we do not just teach another Kata... and after a certain Dan level there are not political or organizational ranks of recognition awarded, they are all still based on mastery of all prior skills, with advancement of new.  (This was not meant as criticism, but rather comparison).


One Kata

All of this can be built out of one fact my video series with Budo International was built off one Kata (Nai Han Chi), but I have also built complete systems off several individual Kata as can you using this same formula above.   Now the Nai Han Chi process is not specified as such in the videos but can be realized with the Platinum Subscription, The Online MP4 Downloads of the videos, or even the DVD's.

But to get an idea on how to build using even the simplistic actions on Sanchin, you can see the progression here.


With Kyusho it is all in your hands... click here for Kyusho Black Belt Certification Process.  I wish you a great journey through Kyusho.



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