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Includes All 300+ (to date more added monthly) of Evan Pantazi's DVD's, plus videos, seminars, special filmings like Advanced KO's, MSC & GTO, Richard Nortons Drills, Intimacy, etc. special productions will be added on a regular basis filmed in HD with new 32 bit graphics and clarity.   Also the Kyusho Anatomical Charts that will eventually be exclusive to our Platinum subscribers will contain added layers that will extra content to make them even more important and place your knowledge at the forefront of Kyusho Practitioners worldwide.  Also additional periodic Video Blogs VLOG  ( ) to and podcasts to keep you on the cutting edge of Kyusho's historical resurgence.  In short you get all the old productions and all the new at no additional charges.  Reg $2,119.77 Save $1,920.77   Newly added 80+ Vlogs (Video logs from 20 minutes to over an hour) on all subjects, anatomical chart section by far the best charts on the planet, no extra charge! Join Now and get a years Kyusho International Membership (discounts at course, license to train and certify)

Due to the nature of digital intellectual property, all sales are non-refundable.



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