All hidden in Plain Sight

The Bubishi is the “How To Manual” for the Fujita, Soken, Funakoshi, Cutting Vein and all such manuscripts and scrolls.

As an ardent researcher of the Bubishi Articles and Kyusho, after decades certain keys began to emerge.  Each key revealed an inner depth that was in plain sight, yet not readily apparent without taking the simultaneous inner journey that is Kyusho.

Please do not dismiss this readily if you are not involved in Kyusho as you are missing the realities that so many Masters of old documented, demonstrated and passed on quietly but in plain sight if you know what and how to see it.

Disclaimer: I only offer this to give others a different way to look at, research and reveal in this compilation that so many Masters (of many styles) revered so much.

The keys that surfaced were not within the Historical documentation, but rather in the Martial and Healing aspects, which when intertwined revealed yet more.  The "Articles" are the essence of these keys as well as the methods of fighting as passed down from unknown sources deeply seated in Martial Tradition.  Therefore it should be of paramount importance to all that call themselves “Traditional” Martial Artists, to research, learn and pass onto their students in the tradition decreed by their styles founders.

This research has been decades in the making, cross referenced with medical and scientific study and vast hands on application, training and verification in over 45 countries and thousands of participants.  It has been this field research and training that now allows for fully tested and measured release of a Living Bubishi.  This will not be a copy, re-writing or replacement of the historical documents already published, instead it will serve more as a decoder and study guide for those inclined to get back to the real roots of their art as documented through history.

It will begin with the "Keys" that unlocked the writings so that the reader too will have the ability to go back to the original and decipher for themselves the deeper intent and compilation.

It will be released to our Platinum subscribers, in a succession of chapters... as the book evolves and lives...Click-Here


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