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Hangetsu (半月 Japanese translation "Half Moon") is an advanced level kata practiced in Shotokan karate. It originated from the Naha-te school. The first part is executed slowly with strong breathing, stressing the development of the hara, or energy field. This sequence shares a strong similarity with Seisan. The second part of the kata is more dynamic in its execution, with an explosion of punches as well as graceful mae geri (front kicks). Due to the shared principles of expansion and contraction, Gichin Funakoshi substituted Hangetsu for Sanchin in the Shotokan curriculum. Mastery of this kata rests on mastery of hangetsu-dachi (half-moon stance) which is characterized by its semi-circular step movement of the back leg to the center, and then forward.

The kata consists of 41 movements. The older Okinawan version of this kata is known as Seisan.



Why Tegumi?

When most people perform a Kata, the work on perfecting the physical motions and postures. This is great for mental, physical and even spiritual strengthening, however most ignore the self protective attribute lying within them.

Many people also practice separate actions from each Kata as a separate self protection method or technique, referred to as "Bunkai". This adds another layer to the Kata for the practitioner and makes a more complete Martial Artist.

What most do NOT practice is a sequential application of the entire Kata, as in a Tegumi process (a passive aggressive fighting action sequence). This can involve blocks, punches, kicks and takedowns, but there is also another level, that is the standing clinch position or grappling holds, submissions and escapes.

The highest level of this Tegumi process involve using the same actions in sequence as the Kata maps out. Starting with the opening motion and working through the full Kata. Both practitioners are training these submissions and escapes simultaneously. After repeated practice the speed, intensity and power can escalate to almost real combative levels. This ingrains the potential of the Kata as well as its essence. Once proficient in the Tegumi, you will feel it being re-enacted each time you practice the solo Kata, giving the practitioner that same level of tactile training as well as the motion based exercise, bring more worth to the Kata as well as the practitioner.

How does the Tuite Fit In?

The same Tegumi process can be applied to Joint Manipulation and escape as well, yielding all the benefits of Tegumi with another level of proficiency for the practitioner. As one builds this proficiency, it will be difficult for another to apply one of the practiced locks successfully and at the same time yileding the practitioner greater awareness of the escape possibilities and therefore greater control over an opponent with such manipulations.

And it's Fun, Challenging and Satisfying

Both levels have been included in this film to round out your practice and raise your capabilities as well as proficiency. But this is not just for Shotokan Practitioners as the method of training is possible for any Kata (See Seiunchin & Tensho releases)


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