Seiunchin – Black Tiger Blood Attacks

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Both Films and Full written explanations

Tensho - White Crane Nerve Attacks

Seiunchin - Black Tiger Blood Attacks

Thank You For Your Support - This is a Exclusive offering

This Project was a process to unlock certain keys to the Bubishi and Goju-Ryu Tensho.  I have just released the Seiunchin - Black Tiger Blood Attacks video.... along with the Tensho - Nerve Attacks.  For those that crowdfunded these videos I can not thank you enough... you are helping to record the Inner Meanings of Goju Kata in relation to the ancient Bubishi.

This information is a must for anyone studying Real Kyusho, the information presented will fit any style as it is based on the Human Anatomy, Physiology and Functionality.

It is the only source of this information in the world... based on the ancient Bubishi.  -ep


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Special White Crane Nerve Attacks and Black Tiger Blood Attacks
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On that page, right click on the download link and "Save As" to your computer.  Or Stream online by just clicking the link.

Again our thanks... enjoy... we will notify you first of any new crowdfunding projects, to keep you on the cutting edge of Kyusho and save money for your help.

Look for the next crowdfund project soon.


#Kyusho   -ep


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