From Uechi Ryu, Sanseiru

Image used with permission from Jim Maloney, Uechi Ryu Canada

The "Shoken" or "Tigers Tooth" (also known by many other names), is a powerful tool. It is a weapon like this that let's you know Kyusho was the intended use case embedded in these ancient Kata and styles.

This specific technique is from an old Uechi Ryu, (Pangainoon), form called Sanseiru (meaning 36, steps, methods, targets, etc.). These two tools being executed at the same time depicts a double attack on two sides of the opponents body simultaneously. That could range from side to side, front to back and be on any area of the body (head, body, Arm, Leg).

With Kyusho, you fully learn the Vital Targets of the Human Body to execute this action on, that will cease the opponents body functions (original intent). In the demonstration depicted in this video, you see a very light application as it causes the breathing to stop. Revival gets much more difficult as more power is applied,with of course more serious implications.

To learn the method, targets in this extended film, use these links:

#Kyusho -ep


As we look at the images of this posture we can see the old world image of Kanbun Uechi, holding the tools in a very specific manner.

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