Podcast 24 -Double Shokens

From Uechi Ryu, Sanseiru

Image used with permission from Jim Maloney, Uechi Ryu Canada https://www.facebook.com/jim.maloney.9862

The "Shoken" or "Tigers Tooth" (also known by many other names), is a powerful tool. It is a weapon like this that let's you know Kyusho was the intended use case embedded in these ancient Kata and styles.

This specific technique is from an old Uechi Ryu, (Pangainoon), form called Sanseiru (meaning 36, steps, methods, targets, etc.). These two tools being executed at the same time depicts a double attack on two sides of the opponents body simultaneously. That could range from side to side, front to back and be on any area of the body (head, body, Arm, Leg).

With Kyusho, you fully learn the Vital Targets of the Human Body to execute this action on, that will cease the opponents body functions (original intent). In the demonstration depicted in this video, you see a very light application as it causes the breathing to stop. Revival gets much more difficult as more power is applied,with of course more serious implications.

As we look at the images of this posture we can see the old world image of Kanbun Uechi, holding the tools in a very specific manner.At the precise body levels seen in these Double Shokens, we see an exact patterning for two of Hohan Sokens Kyusho Targets (Scroll down the titles on this site to access these individual target films), Wakikage and Denko. Now these are two Fatal Targets according to the Secret Notes, but can still be devastating with light penetrating blows as delivered with the Double Shokens as demonstrated in the film.

Now what this feels like is that your entire torso (especially mid to upper), contracts and constricts. You are unable to stand (longer with more intensity), you can not breath or even think logically as your heart, lungs, bronchial tubes and diaphragm are all affected. This can cause unconsciousness as the multi organ attack will also lower the blood pressure, BUT CAUTION IS ADVISED (as we do not always understand the physiological condition of the Uke. It is strongly recommended before application that you can apply revival methods for heart, lungs and bronchial tubes. You may also need to revive from unconsciousness from neurological as well as vascular/organ attacks.

The old Martial Arts and forms were designed to Kill an opponent, this form and method are no exception. Preserving the Kyusho in these forms is paramount in the perpetuation of the real arts, it is our mission and responsibility to safeguard it for future generations.

We also recommend continuous research on the Viatl (Kyusho) Targets from Hohan Soken on this platform.

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