Introducing "Chaining"

Chaining is a new video process we developed for you to learn from all our great instructors. We will give you a target, fully illustrate the target, be it nerve, blood vessel or organ, show a demonstration of an application, then let our Instructors take you through some practice ideas.

All of these will be linked together (like the inter woven links of a Chain), with the others so you can follow the concept forwarded from the beginning and through the chain.

Our Instructors Today

Evan Pantazi, Massachusetts (USA) - Contact Support - Click Here

Tom Gallo, New York (USA) - Contact Tom Gallo - Click Here

Prior Chaining Events

  2. YouTube Chaining with Femoral Nerve
  3. Chaining With Mental Nerve
  4. Chaining with the Saphenous Nerve (March 1)
  5. Next Month Chaining the Occipital Nerves... work it and send it Let me say by March 25 so 

Feel free to contact us to put you in touch with the instructor/s or for more integration on how you can add Kyusho to your Martial Art.

#Kyusho -ep

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