Tensho - "Turning Palms"

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One of the more well known kata in Goju-Ryu, Tensho is derived from the Chinese form of "Rokkishu".  Unlike Sanchin, which is almost identical to its Chinese counterpart, Tensho is unique to Okinawan Karate.

Rokkishu translates as 6 hands and are the exacting hands found in the ancient "Bubishi".  Many versions now taught have modified these hands slightly, which is good for training drills and traditional muted Bunkai.  However with slight modification to the hand postures themselves we can easily see that the more Martial and potent hands can easily be restored.

Now if the practitioner develops their "Kakie" which is similar to Chinese Push Hands or Wing Chun Chi Sao, their in close fighting, sensitivity to oppositional force and control increase many fold.  It also serves as a form of arm conditioning, balance and core body strength.

Tensho was designed to begin where Sanchin ended... or as the Yin for the Yang (although some forms of Sanchin contain all concepts and hands).  This form was designed with more soft approach as opposed to traditional hard Sanchin practice.  In Goju the breathing patterns are also different and more natural as opposed to designed or controlled.  Tensho therefore was trained as the internal method as Sanchin was the external component.

Both of these Kata (but especially Tensho), are termed "Heishu" (closed)  term "heishu" translates as "closed" and is for more internal control and muscular contractions, one hard one softer.  These practices develop restriction and direction of energies within body, both superficial and on deeper conscious and unconscious brain pattern and physiological function.  The Goju Kata known as "Kaishu" (open), as they are involved less with constant controlled muscle contraction and breathing (which is more natural or normal).




There are two types of Kata, one set are mechanical and designed for technical applications, whereas some are designed more for internal body change (yet both are interchangeable, depending on the understanding and abilities of the individual practitioner.




Introducing "Chaining"

Chaining is a new video process we developed (sure to go viral), where one individual films a sequence, passes it on to another to film their similar idea r continuation, then passing it to as many thereafter as they wish.  All linking (like the inter woven links of a Chain), with the others so you can follow the concept forwarded from the beginning and through the chain.

We initiate the Concept with a unique Martial Arts Kata called "Tensho"

Link 1 - Form, History and Performance by Steve Lynch (Canada Goju Karate Federation (CGKF) and Kyusho International)


Link 2 - Form and Training Drills by Joao Ramalho - Ericeira, Portugal (Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Kenkyukai and Kyusho International)

Link 3 - Kyusho Integration by Evan Pantazi - (Kyusho International)