Most Martial Arts have opening or greeting salutes from simple single bows, to more elaborate and symbolic transitions. However once the practitioner understands and can enact Kyusho, all actions, posture and or transitions can become powerful defensive or offensive applications.

The American Kenpo Opening Salute is very close with the longer methods of Chinese based Martial Arts styles. It is comprised of 7 main actions or postures that can be strung together in a full sequential transition against an opponent, or the actions may be employed individually to cause incapacitation in the opponent.

7 Postures

  1. The right fist and left covering palm pulls back toward the right side of the practitioners head.
  2. The same hand posture is then pressed outward to arms length directly in front of the practitioners head.
  3. The fist roll outward into back knuckle positions and withdrawn to either side of the practitioners body.
  4. Both hands open and rise in an arc back to head level with index finger and thumbs meeting to form a triangle.
  5. Hands pull back to chest level simultaneously with fisted right hand and covering palm as the left hand.
  6. Both hands roll forward into a double praying palm posture.
  7. Both hands simultaneously rise and arc out and down in a heart shaped transition.

At first glance this ornate and complex bow seems to be a fancy show or display of Martial Prowess, but upon Kyusho-ization, we see that it could become a grappled series of transitions, self defense technique or mapping of several Kyusho targets and inherent tools of attack.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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