We Custom Build a Kyusho Program for you

Here is the offer, send us a video of yourself working a Kata, form or training sequence you would like to add Kyusho to.

We will build a full program of:

  • Tools
  • Targets
  • Techniques
  • Tuite (Joint manipulations)
  • Tegumi (two man fighting drill)

And we send you the full film... to use how you wish, for Dan Grade Testing, Personal Practice, Special Programs in your School.

The process will take 6 - 9 months to complete, but it will be a fill production film with you performing the Kata front and side views, which will be added to the film.  The film will be approximately 1 hour in duration depending on the Kata or drill forwarded... and will be filmed in training mode.  It will be similar to this production from a Wing Chun form (illustrating Tools, Targets, Techniques and Tegumi (two man training drill)):



Give your training added depth, give your students added value, give your school an added profit center.



Full Program $600.00

Or use crptos to save money:

Save with Cryptos - Full Program $500.00

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