That is the only difference in Karate Styles

Basically, it's all the same... they share blocks, punches and kicks, so the only difference between Karate Styles is it with or without Kyusho.

It is the missing ingredient in most modern practices... that the founders of the styles had, but sadly did not pass on.

If the Old Bushi ingrained real fighting experience and method in their Kata of Old, would they have used this posture:

  • As a blocking action?
  • A preparation posture?
  • An exercise or standing meditation?

Or is it more likely they would have placed a lethal method or, documented an action they defeated they opponent with on the field of battle? It would have depicted the victorious action, mapped out the vital target that defeated the enemy.  This is the secret of traditional Karate, not blocking, meditation and exercise.


Look at this image,would you prepare to fight anyone like this, if you are not targeting vital anatomical structures, what would you be doing???

Here is one typical explanation for this posture from a Karate Perspective:

"Some kata consist of symbolic movements or postures (kamae).  You can find an interesting kamae at the end of Kyudokan’s Sochin kata.  You make an Indian style greeting or a praying posture at the end of the kata in cat stance (neko ashi dachi).  Today many people misunderstand this posture by thinking it is a greeting posture added to the end of the kata for beauty.  Sadly, due to the lack of understanding of the meaning of this movement, many practitioners perform it incorrectly.  This posture has two pauses followed by a third posture   (Figure 3).

Figure 3:  The ending movements of Kyudokan’s Sochin kata

These three poses symbolize covering and protecting the central part of face (eyes,  mouth, nose…), protecting the throat and protecting the middle of the chest and groin area respectively. Simply, this symbolizes protecting the vital areas of the central part of the body (on the axis of symmetry of the body)  representing a symbolic ‘Mi o Mamoru’."

Call me crazy, but I rather use these motions as attacks to vital nerves, blood vessels and organs.

I believe that these types of answers are what drove the adult market away and now caters to children...they will believe anything Sensei Says.  Adult Karate, need real answers and why we have this great divide, between Karate with and without Kyusho.


#Kyusho  -ep
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