Using a Karate Term for Wing Chun???


In Siu Nim Tao????

Well Wing  Chun doesn't really have a name for a two man fighting - grappling drill... they may  not even have one, but that does not mean you can not apply it to Wing Chun... even Siu Nim Tao!

Now how can this stationary, slow Martial Form, be transposed into a dynamic Kyusho Tegumi or fighting drill?


Crowd Funding the Film

We are heading back to the studio to record this dynamic fighting exercise, showing the Real Affects of using Real Kyusho.

You have an opportunity to reserve the first issuance of this film in MP4 format to download and watch instantly while you save a lot.

  • The Filming is already scheduled for February 3rd, 2018.
  • The practitioners are already working the exercise to make the filming a fully professional presentation.
  • We begin the Crowdfunding today and will be taking pre-orders until the filming costs are funded.
  • Our last crowd fund project, sold out in two days... please don't wait.
  • This film will not be public until 2019
  • You do not need to do the Siu Nim Tao to order or learn from this dynamic process.
  • Film will be in HD format with additional written information.

Once you fund the film, you need do nothing else.  For your support we will send you the link to download your mp4 or watch it online by May 1, 2017... (we were a one and two months ahead in prior crowd funded projects).  This film will not be public for over a year and only available for the crowdfunders.

It will also save you money as it will only be $19.99 each instead of 40 Euro (Currently $47.20 for the DVD and shipping).

How to Order:

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  3. You will be automatically enrolled for access
  4. We will notify you when released (before May 1, 2018)
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Saturday December 2, 2017.... this was a fast crowdfund and we are almost finished, once over this film will not be publicly available until 2019

Sorry Sold Out

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