Kyusho is Real

Lets just think  about this a bit more before it is dismissed.

What if the Old Founders from Funakoshi, Mabuni, Fujita, Oyata, Soken, Itosu, Etc, were correct?

What if their notes and documents they wrote, coveted and passed on were real?

What if the Basis of Kara-Te was Kyusho (attacking the internal vital targets of the body) as compared to striking the outer external body with modern Karate?

What if the basis of all Martial Arts and Styles was Kyusho, Dim Mak or whatever name has been propagated by the various cultures?


The Answer

Maybe you are missing out... what if their writings were actually true and they did not lie about it?  In the original edition of Funakoshi's Karate Do Kyohan, he listed his Kyusho Targets along with their affects on the nerve, blood and organ systems... did he do that to fool people?  Or was his integrity and honor such that he would not have blatantly lied or misrepresented the art?  Would Chojun Miyagi have stated that the Bubishi (with it's Killing Points, seizing and sealing of blood flow, etc.), was the "Bible of Karate" so students of his style could ignore or dismiss it?

This is not limited to Karate, we have so many other examples of the founders or inheritors working with Kyusho.  Seiko Fujita, 14th Headmaster or Soke of Kōga-Ryu.  He documented the Kyusho of his and 28 other styles in his writing "The Secret of Martial Arts, the manual of Atemi, Killing and Reviving"... was he also lying,or were the other 28 styles misrepresented?


The Question you must ask yourself

Why am I not adding it into my style?

Is it because you still believe it is fake, or fiction or myth?  Or is it because you trust your instructor has all the answers and would have told you.?  Could it be you are not interested, or that it would take too much time to learn anew?  Could it be that your pride or ego would not allow you to believe something you just discovered?

Yes there are a lot of fake Kyusho "Masters" out there, as there are in all styles and life practices even yours?  But does that stop you from finding good instructors that can actually work it safely and teach you the anatomical, physiological and functional reasons with sound medical and scientific validation?

We search our entire Martial Life for the secrets, yet when one is presented, we shun or ignore it.  We pour through books, examine our Kata, attend seminar after seminar just to have the instructor say change your hand this little degree.  But why do we ignore what the founders of our styles wrote or cared about, we must listen and see what they were saying, not so much our modern teachers, traditional Karate has been ignore in trade for a modern adaptation, that has removed us from the truth.

We are all or were all in the same position, but we can rise above it and seek more depth in our styles, journeys and teachings to those that seek true Traditional Karate.




#Kyusho  -ep