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(Wandering and Receiving)

The opening actions of the Uechi Ryu/Pangainon Sanseiru Performed by Uechi Karate Ledgend Tsutomu Nakahodo

Watari Uke has many possible meanings (like the one above), as the language changes with need, emotion and other variables. But this is a perfect example of the twisting, turning flow of the Dragon, symbolized in the opening actions of Kata Sanseiru.

I asked a good friend and 7th Dan in Uechi Ryu (Chip Quimby), what their interpretation was of this named action, his reply was;

"That's a good question. I've seen watari-uke translated as 'crossing hands' block in one of my books, however Sensei James Thompson, who trained with Kanei Uechi-sensei for many years in Okinawa, shared a story with me once that the name comes from a handmade rope that's created by twisting the hands and wrists together in a serpentine-line manner that weaves them together as a single unit. Apparently the name of the technique was inspired by this process, which is very similar to fluid and twisting nature of the technique. He's a very respected authority in Uechi-ryu so I think it's most likely true. Hope this helps. Now I'm even more intrigued myself."

Watch the affects of the 3 applied Watari Uke Kyusho attacks... 


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  1. Ron Sheyan says:

    With regards to the Watari Uke video the re is a portion of the text accompanying the video that states:

    Watch the affects of the 3 applied Watari Uke Kyusho attacks…

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    When I click on “For our Platinum subscribers (click here)” I get the message :Page Not Found”

  2. andrea rosales says:

    La tēcnica que se refiere Quimby, se llama Shimenawa. Mi escuela hace el Watari Uke no tan abierto, para graficarlo seria como si tuviesemos las muñecaa atadas. Obviamente es una forma de decir, pero se parece a esa técnica Shimenawa. A continuación dejo el link de un video para que vean de que se trata. saludos cordiales.


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