Yin and Yang

There is a transition of hand actions that are the same in context, yet performed in the opposite direction using Uechi/Pangainoon Sanchin and Seisan. Using Kyusho to decode the Katas is invaluable as only target acquisition can unveil the Katas secrets. In Uechi and Pwangainoon, there is extra benefit as the old Katas preserved in the styles have the full range of tools as well as depicted actions in the ancient Bubishi.

Now there is one particular action in Sanchin and Seisan that give us the key to understanding the applications more fully, which in turn leads to even greater discoveries within the form and style. It is important to note that the Sanchin is a Tiger style form and the Seisan, is more the Crane style, this is a linked key that will help you understand the dynamics of this hand transition more fully.

The hand transition of the Sanchin, pulls downward, much like the Tiger pulling down it's prey, whereas the Seisan rises, like the actions of the Crane dictate. Further correlation and targets... This film clip above depicts a descending Tiger action (masked), the unmasked tutorial films of the Descending Tiger and Rising Crane are depicted with affects in the Patreon and Platinum films.

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