What is the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is the longest of your cranial nerves and has numerous nerve fibers spanning from your brain stem to all your organs. The word Vagus, means wanderer, as it is running throughout your body. Basically, it is the command center of your parasympathetic nervous system, or the  control for your “rest-and-digest” mode. And for clarity, your sympathetic nervous system controls your “fight-or-flight” responses when you are threatened or stressed.

The Blood Pool Hand is primarily a tool to access and injure the blood systems of the body as related in this film, however there is more potential in attacking the Vagus Nerve with this tool.

We see the Blood Pool Hand positioned and used in many Old Kata, We see it in Wing Chun forms, Goju Ryu, Pangainoon/Uechi, Praying Mantis, White Crane and so many others.  However Pangainoon (Uechi Ryu) Seisan has a more direct way to access the Vagus Nerve... read the more detailed information and watch the additional film at:




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