Science and the Art


Most people realize that technology rapidly changes professional sports via science.  Clothing and protective gear advances as does training processes and performance levels due to these advancements.

So how can science and technology can Kyusho Practitioners reach their maximum potential?

First is the research into real anatomical structures, their physiological processes as well as their affect on the bodies function and health.  The study (although started within the Chinese Medical Theory and Process), quickly needed to evolve into what is really occurring and the structures as well as reasons the effects occurred.

A battery of Medical and Scientific professionals were enlisted to suggest and administer real time tests of Kyusho recipients, all measured with the latest equipment and knowledge.  This yielded validation of the affects by measured and challenging new processes both in the training, medical and scientific fields.  At Kyusho International we have consistently researched, applied, validated and disseminated New Kyusho findings and accomplishments daily.

Only Kyusho International Carries this tradition on, to get to the truth and measure that truth for future generations.


The Art

Art is an expression of a reality in emotive and individual ways that evoke tough, passion, skill and intrigue for the holder.

For Martial Artists most have their particular style or styles that they have found, trained and have been intrigued by.  All require different skill sets and training regimes with long arduous hours of practice to become natural.

For Kyusho the Art is backed by Science, then trained into a natural and automatic response... but it can transcend any Martial Style or skill.  As all Martial Arts undeniably have the same core or vital point, (that being the defeat of a human opponent), then the realization that human anatomy is not style specific, but rather the same vital core as all.  Application is now easy as it is one anatomical structure, no matter what methodology you employ.

Being a Kyusho Artist, your application must be refined with practice,application (real not pulled) and over time refined into a workable and spontaneous outflow to overwhelm an agitated and experienced opponent.  It is not as simple as repeating what to saw in a static application, it is imperative that the Science is applied in an Artistic manner.




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