Double Your Martial Art Instantly

Just by changing your Context...

Most people use the fist as a simple bludgeon with punching, back-fists and hammering actions.  But this is only half the story as the act of clenching the fist is in itself a formidable weapon when directed toward Kyusho targets.

To fully realize the potential of your Martial Art by looking at the duality in each action (Positive and Negative), if you work this way you instantly double your skills in your art.  As example when you use a fist, kick, elbow strike, etc., there is the Yang aspect of the strike which is striking with that formed fist, but there is also the Yin action of closing that fist which could be a grabbing or seizing action. For a Kick, the strike is the Yang, the retraction is the Yin, which could be a leg sweep.  Even the elbow can be used as a Yang strike, or a Yin Trap.... again by looking deeply at each action we can gain so much.

This at first may be a challenge to train your thoughts to unlock each action in at least two ways, it is a puzzle and will lead to a powerful new mindset as it becomes the way you see all.


This film is our Christmas Gift to you, our and YouTube subscribers.

This film was a short session at a seminar, working with the Fist and Real Kyusho (Real Anatomy).  This is what Traditional Martial Arts were built on, working each action against the opponents weaker Anatomical Structures for maximum potential, affect and efficiency.


Good Health to you and yours this Holiday Season!  -Evan Pantazi


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