Wait, here is a great story to back up the reality

This video has excerpts from a YouTube interview between Greg Hunter (usawattchdog.com) and Dr. Dave Janda (  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=operation+freedom).

Let's face it most "Traditional" Martial Artists believe their is no reality base in Kyusho, although we prove it every day.

It is really funny at the same time as it is sad, as the founders of these styles knew and tried to pass Kyusho to future generations, but they ignore it.  And what is stranger is that they keep looking for the "SECRET" of their style, when that secret is Kyusho, just under their noses.

Kyusho is firmly divided into two main factions, Real Anatomical Kyusho and the false Pressure Point method.  Martial Artists should really investigate the both factions before jumping to a conclusion.

We Kyusho Practitioners have long known the revivals and some even needed to use them for Dojo and Life.  So many testimonials have come in on these cases that those with their eyes and ears open have benefited greatly.   Kyusho methods learned through experience not theory, employs sound understanding and application have revealed truths... here is one example from Dr.Dave Janda.



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