In Traditional Karate

We all know that each style's Kata are the main instructional tools handed down through the ages.  We also know that they are an exercise, a meditation and a puzzle used to convey the style's body of knowledge...

All with secrets hidden in plain sight that need the keys to decipher.

These keys were not handed down publicly, what was handed down was encoded to hide the true potentials of the actions.  The old scrolls, books and training manuals had reference to them with few understanding how it all fits together.  The Katas hold these keys to unlock them as well as the human anatomy, physiology and functionality, but most only know the outer and obvious physical actions.

The keys lay in the Asian acceptance and code held within the Yin and Yang, which most only have a Western view of which is sorry to say, superficial and in some cases not in line with the Asian way of life.

Without these keys, the Katas, their inner worth and potency remains hidden.

Kyusho - Hidden in Plain Sight

Many practitioners of Kyusho worldwide have realized just a glimpse of the inner mechanisms of these ancient and traditional Kata, working only a basic mechanical interpretation of them.

For most this is sufficient, but for more avid and passionate Karateka, we need and want more.  In fact most Karateka continually search for hidden secrets, uses, meanings and soul for the Katas... they search for a lifetime, but very few find them.

Kyusho unlocks these keys, yet most pre-determined this to be fake or myth, they are presented with one key, but shun others as their instructor did not reveal it to them, nor did their instructors Instructor... even from Okinawa and or Japan or China.   For the most parts these instructors were also not taught... but we can see slowly they are beginning to understand, learn and yes even teach basic Kyusho publicly.  This has been exposed in many prior blogs, yet again few pay heed.


We released some keys in a prior post and extended blog (excerpt from an upcoming film)... these helped unlock deeper methods to reach deeper targets.  These are real anatomical structures (not false pressure point methods typical of most Kyusho groups), that have a real affect on the function of the body.  Once these are known, practiced and affects achieved, the practitioner can then move on to more complex study and application.

These targets are Nerves, Blood Vessels, Organs, Reflexes (yes a target for real Kyusho practitioners), Brain and Muscle function.  We must study them as a Doctor studies anatomy and physiology before becoming a surgeon.  We must apply them to affect, observe the affects, understand the affects and restore those affects.


Tegumi is a practiced two man drill of passive aggressive resistance training using actions embedded in each Kata, Form or Pattern... striking, kicking, grappling, body positioning and more fighting aspects.

Within each Kata, form or pattern, even without... there are training sequences to help the practitioner develop targeting skills to a higher degree.  These sequences are infinite and help the practitioner better understand the Kata's tools, stances, movements, angles and deeper processes.  And these sequences help the practitioner develop sequence target acquisition under dynamic motion and increasing stress of attack scenario.


Once the Tools, Targeting and Tegumi is realized, the practitioner can then begin to develop Tuite (joint attack) possibilities within each Kata.  Most instructors train a Tuite as a one ff attack defense, however it is in the flow of combative application that needs to be realized as the dynamics of a real attack will not allow the one off attack/defense training to be fully functional.

Training Kyusho

As always we need to work hard in as realistic a situation as possible to realize true skill.  You need dynamic training, not static to become truly adept at Kyusho as well as self protection.  Kyusho is not just in the mind, it must be in your hands... we do not live in a fantasy of false paradigm, conjecture and play... we work to achieve reality in Kyusho International.



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