Or Two!

Real Kyusho Attacks - Goju - Bubishi Expose:

Unlocking the Keys to the Bubishi and real Kyusho, from Miyagi's Bible of Karate!

We are headed back into the studios to film two very important films to demonstrate the differences between Kyusho, Dim Mak and Pressure Points.

We will be working Kata Tensho (Turning Palms), with the neurological attack method that anyone can incorporate into their style or Martial Art.  And we will also be filming the Blood attacks of Seiuchin, with real demonstration and affects.

For your support we will send you the link to download your mp4 or watch it online by December 1, 2017.... these films will not be public for a year or so and only available for the crowdfunders.  It will also save you money as they will only be $9.99 each instead of 40 Euro for the DVDs.

And if you are kind enough to choose both with the extra donation, you will receive the access to the HD version of the film, the full articles on each to further detail the information... with additional videos.

Once our Crowdfunding numbers are achieved, this offer will end.



Thank you to all our patrons!

Thank you to all our crowdfunders... for your support of Kyusho!


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