Kyusho Applications

Taikyoku has a predominant hand action sequence, which seems simplistic, but is almost profound in it's depth of possibility.

Let's start by looking at the benefits to the practitioner in their Mind, Body and Spirit as the pattern exercises the body, yet also accomplishes many stimulus to the Brain and Central Nervous System. As example, when your hand crosses your center-line and or opposite hand, the right andleft hemispheres of the brain fire simultaneously (as opposed to more one sided). So by working this crossing and switching hand pattern, you fortify the brain capacity as well as your full neuro system.


This distinctive hand transition enables many self protection methods, when combined with Kyusho you can evolve it into a complete fighting system. In this presentation,the hand pattern is applied on Kyusho targets in Arm Destructions, Targeting Arms, Head, Body and Leg Targets, Take-Downs, Grappling, Joint Manipulations and even Weapon Defense.


We see this hand pattern and for the most part, full Kata in many styles; Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Taekwondo, Kyokushin, Shuri, Tang Soo Do Etc. Of course here are minor stylistic variation such as some use a C-Step, while others do not, opening bows, etc., but the hand transition is the same in all of them. So as we present the video, do not occupy yourself with the differences, concentrate on the similarity andvast potentials.


Bubishi Correlation

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