Yang Meets Yin

In all the major styles of Tai Chi Chuan, Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Fu... there is a movement or posture named Press, For the most part it is used in a Yang outward pushing or striking action with full physical integration to increase and focus full body power. It is a very powerful and formidable method, but as a practitioner of Kyusho, we learn to see beyond the surface ofactions as well as anatomy.

Working the Press correctly

To gain the full physical integration and power, we bring the palms facing each other together, held perpendicularly from each other. As we PREEE the hands forward, we use a sudden outward push with the hands andarms as the chest sinks andthe body weight drops. This will bring the full weight of the body and full power of the body into a singular focal pint of impact. The power and focus can push an opponent back, or even enough to break ribs or send even larger opponents back and away, but this will not fully deter them from once again advancing and attacking again. So we must look at other ways to use this common method in conjunction with the actions of Tai Chi, the affects of Kyusho and the inate paradigm of Yang and Yin so prevailant in the art.

Standing straight the both arms will swing toward one side with an arching action, that brings them to the practitioners front centerline with palms perpendicular to each other. once the palms are connected, the chest sinks as the arms extend forward and body weight is simultaneously dropped.

This is the Yang expression (Yang Press), symbolized by the white rotational paisley or teardrop shape within the Yin/Yang symbol f Tai Chi Chuan. It is an outward extending action of strike or press depicting the Cranes method of attack with flapping wings, darting talons or stabbing beak.

Yin Press

Using this in a more Yin expression...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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