The Missing Kata

Suparempi (108 Steps)

Kanbun Uechi travelled from his home in Okinawa to the Fujian province of south China in the year 1897.  There he studied the martial system of Pan Gai noon under the master Chou Tsu Ho (Shu Shi Wa), for thirteen (Seisan) years.

When Uechi, Kanbun travelled back to his home in Okinawa, he brought three core Kata of the Pangainoon system of Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiru. However there is speculation that there was also a fourth core Kata (speculation being was he not taught this form or was it his decision to keep it secretly).

Research done in the late 1990's by Simon Laley has uncovered this possible fourth Kata Suparempi (Yi Bai Ling Ba Bu).  However to this day it remains controversial within the Uechi community.

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